Tips to Make Online Greeting Cards in 2023

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Making cards for family and friends is indeed exciting. When you create greeting cards, you control the design and contents. Personalizing a card shows the recipient how much you care. Though anybody can go out to the shop and send off a premade card, the extra effort to create a card by yourself demonstrates how much you care about the recipient. Modern design trends and an online card maker like Vista Create have so many options that you can easily use them to design a great card.

There are so many options, from sweet to funny to elegant, that it might be hard to decide on a range.

Here are some tips to help you get started if this is your first time making a range.

Do Research

First, find out what type of cards your viewers want. Look at the newest graphic design trends and find out how to include them in your card design, or see what isn't being done. Is there a TV program with pun-filled quotes? Maybe anything in the news might make a good design.

Card Selection

There are several customization possibilities for online greeting card printing, and the kind you pick will affect the design.

First, choose a size. A5 is the typical card size; however, A6 is also popularly used. Square cards provide something different and are perfect for modern designs because of their shape. These cards are made to fit in a standard DL-sized envelope, making them ideal for mailing.

After choosing a size, pick a stock or card material. Premium silks are wonderful but stick to ballpoint pens when writing. Uncoated writable stocks are the ideal option to go with if you want your clients to have the ability to write with any material.

Different texture materials for printing options are:

- Ice Gold has a glittery shine when lighted, making it an excellent choice for holiday greeting cards.

- Brown Kraft stock is ideal for a do-it-yourself (DIY) look; it looks well with solid colors that highlight the paper's textured surface.

- Green card designs are trendy. Uncoated greeting cards are one of the benefits of using recycled paper; this quality allows them to be recycled several times after their first use.

Pick Complementary Colors

To make a good impression, your choice of colors for a greeting card should reflect both the celebrated event and the spirit of friendship. Here are some ideas for card colors.

- We always associate Christmas with reds and greens, but frosty blues are as appropriate. This Christmas card design mixes jewel tones with emerald, ruby, and gold to give a wintery light atmosphere. It's a far cry from the Father Christmases and candy canes we're accustomed to.

- You can pretty much use any color for birthday cards. Bright colors are popular for birthday cards, like this rainbow sprinkles design.

- Floral and watercolor designs are popular for wedding invitations and congratulations cards. Jewel tones, marble backgrounds, and geometric shapes are also popular.

Find a Font

Your card's font choice defines its personality. Is it quirky? Creative? Stylish? Find the appropriate font for your greeting card design.

Weddings, condolences, and other cards that call for an intimate, handwritten touch often use cursive typefaces. They make cards look clean and formal.

Message Writing

The message is the main objective of your card, whether it's a meaningful Mother's Day greeting or the punchline of a joke you created on the cover. Finding the right words might be difficult if it's not your strong point.

Personalize It

Personalizing greeting cards is a terrific way to stand out from others, particularly for weddings. After printing your cards, you may add unique touches like calligraphy-style names.


Personalize your printed greeting card by adding ribbons and other decorations. This method is well demonstrated in the sunflower card example. While creating your design, consider where you'll add decorations to your card.

Stamp a Pattern

Stunning printed patterns may be added to your card design using various materials. Using flowers as stamps is one of our favorite methods. This offers a DIY aspect and helps you add a 3D touch to birthday or Christmas cards.

Draw Personalized Images

Leaving room for personalized artwork is another excellent method to give your card design a unique touch and might help you add that extra effort to your card.


You only need a bit of creativity and inspiration when designing your greeting cards online. Designing your cards and making them stand out from the rest is the fun part. Adding your information is easy, but designing them is the challenging part. So, what are you waiting for? Make beautiful greeting cards and send them to your loved ones by using the tips above.

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