YouTube vs TikTok: Where to Start Your Influencer's Career?

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Some influencers today are raking in good money, getting more followers, and working with brands to help with their marketing efforts. Seeing some of these ladies and gentlemen's luxurious lives can motivate an individual to try out the influencing gig. Many influencers show off their lives on social media by eating at high-end restaurants, shopping for designer clothes and accessories, and spending money at gambling sites like for fun.

If you are looking to join the elite influencer space, you may be confused as to which is the best platform to start posting your content on. As of 2022, TikTok and YouTube are the most prominent video-sharing platforms. Below is a brief comparison of the two avenues to help you make an informed decision on where to start your influencing career. 

What Is TikTok?

An addictive video-sharing platform developed by ByteDance, a Chinese tech company, TikTok is mainly loved by teenagers and individuals in their 20s. It allows users to upload videos of around 60 seconds, sharing stories, dance videos, pranks, beauty, and fashion videos, among many others. The popularity of the social media platform continues to grow, with more than a billion active users around the globe. TikTok has a Creator Fund to earn on the platform, and advertisers can also form partnerships with creators to promote their products.

Pros of Using TikTok for Influencing

     Access to an engaged audience whose users spend long hours on the site compared to YouTube.

     Streamlined and affordable production - content creators only need a smartphone to film, edit, and upload their work.

●      Built-in filters and effects - TikTok offers multiple filters and video effects that can make your content stand out. It also offers various sound and music choices, including mainstream music.

●      Audience engagement tools, Duet and Stitch, work well for increasing brand awareness.


While using TikTok comes with tons of perks, there are some downfalls content creators experience with the site:

-       Restricted Analytics: Users must have a business account to track metrics and view analytics.

-       Monetization Limits: TikTok only offers a few methods of monetizing your account. Its Creator Fund does not compensate well per view.

-       The platform caps video length at 10 minutes.

What Is YouTube (YT)

YouTube is among the most popular social media and video-sharing platforms. It allows people to create, upload, and share their content with the world. Different people spend more than a billion hours on the site every day. Owned by Google, it covers any topic under the sun except for hate, pornographic, violent, or illegal content. You can also share YT videos through other social media forms like messaging and email apps. You earn on the site by signing up for free and running a channel under YouTube's Partner Program. To qualify, the site has a criterion you must meet: accumulated watch time of 4,000 hours and a subscriber pool of not less than a thousand users.

Benefits of Using YouTube for Content Creators

     Access to an eager audience - 67% of boomers and 85% of Gen Z go to YT to learn.

●     Analytics - measurable, built-in analytics will help you know if you are on the right path to increase engagement rates.

●     Long videos - After verification, members can upload videos that are more than 15 minutes.

     Clear calls-to-action help users to grow their channels. You can encourage the audience to subscribe, like, share, watch other videos and comments, and visit your social media or website from your YouTube Channels.

Disadvantages of Using YouTube for Influencing

-       Lack of creation tools: content on the site is usually more polished and hence takes time and effort to create. It's also not possible to use the app for post-production.

-       Ad blockers: the plugins can reduce ad revenue earnings.

-       Music limits because of copyright issues.

-       Crowded space: the oversaturated market and algorithms make it difficult to grow an audience fast, even though it is not impossible.

Highest Earners on Both Platforms

Influencers on both platforms are earning well. Take a look at the top three earners on both YouTube and TikTok in 2021, according to Forbes.



Mr. Beast earned $54Million

Charlie D'Amelio earned $17.5 Million

Jake Paul earned $45Million

Dixie Earned $10 Million

Markiplier earned $38Million                                 

Addison Rae: earned $8.5 Million

Both TikTok and YouTube offer huge earning potential. They also come with their pros and cons. As a newbie influencer, you must consider all the angles before deciding on the platform to settle for. Your target audience will play a huge role in determining your choice. For instance, if you want to appeal to the younger generation, i.e., teens, TikTok would be a great start. When looking to reach millennials and boomers, YouTube would be a sound option. The length of videos you want to post will be another determining factor. Stay away from TikTok if you want to be making lengthy content because the platform supports short videos that are quick to watch.

Closing Remarks

Are you looking to start the journey of being a renowned influencer? We have a few pointers that can help you decide whether to go for TikTok or YouTube.

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