Eliminating Time Theft: How Online Time Clocks Can Help Your Small Business

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Entering hours at work is a process that is accompanied by many malpractices by employees. In order to earn more than what they have worked, they put in more hours of reality which ultimately seriously harms your business.

In this article, we'll talk about how to eliminate time theft with the help of an online time clock for small business programs. This will help you prevent unnecessary expenses, as well as increase the responsibility of your employees. Keep reading and find out more.

Integrate an online clocking system

Integrating an online time clock for small business systems is essential to preventing the theft of hours. With this, each worker logs in as soon as they arrive and when they leave work, with the hours worked being accurately collected.

This system helps prevent time rounding. Although ten minutes a day may seem insignificant at times, when the sum is added up on an annual basis it is a serious figure.

Naturally, before implementing this tool, you should give time for workers to get used to it, as well as to ask questions that interest them in order to facilitate acceptance.

Use the authentication methods

Employees clocking each other is another way to steal hours. This puts your business at even more serious risk, but luckily, online time clock for small business systems are integrated with multiple authentication methods.

For example, when logging in, the employee must upload a picture of themself at the moment to register the clock. Also, when logging in from mobile phones, you can activate the GPS option so that you will know the exact location of the employee during logging.

Finally, logins can also be made using a fingerprint, which makes clocking in to work personalized and colleague punching impossible.

Turn it into your staff’s interest

When introducing such a system in your company, you should explain to your employees what are the motives for such a step. With that, you will explain how such a system protects the company from unnecessary costs and stimulates prosperity.

It is also important to explain the integration of an online time clock for a small business as a system that works in the favor of the staff. That way, they will be properly paid for their work, and the money saved from unnecessary hours can be used as vouchers, team building weekends, and of course, financial bonuses.

Focus on communication rather than conflicts

In case you notice stealing of hours, as frustrating as it may be, you should not start a conflict with the staff. Instead, it is better to have an open conversation where you will explain why it is a bad practice. Also, you will impose rules that you want to be respected, and you will ask that such practices not be repeated in the future.

This way of communication makes you more accessible to employees, who will be embarrassed and will no longer log in unnecessarily. Also, imposing rules and banning stealing of hours, gives you room to forward punishments in case of the occurrence of the same practice.

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