How to wear a sky blue dress?

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Are you soon invited to a wedding? Are you hesitating about the choice of guest outfit? Sky blue is a perfect shade for wedding ceremonies. Soft, romantic, and discreet, it blends perfectly into all wedding themes, from chic to casual. Moreover, blue dresses are always trendy!

For a wedding, some cuts are particularly suitable. For example, you can choose a sky blue silk or satin blue evening gown with a midi cut or a night blue lace skate dress. Sky blue slipdress is also very refined and can even be suitable for a bridesmaid! Take a look at the selection of affordable blue dresses in the Milla store catalog: you will love it!

How to accessorize a sky-blue dress?

What accessories to choose for beautiful blue dresses? Any design and length look fancy with the right accessories, so let's try to figure it out!

  1. Which shoes to wear with a stunning maxi dress in blue? If we are talking about sky blue, it is a very soft shade that requires attention when combined with other colors. We recommend nude or cream shoes, discreet gold or ivory shoes, or silver. The sky blue dress can also be worn with trendy sneakers with colorful wedge soles if you want a fashion hype style! But if the goal is to have a dressy outfit, always prefer elegant minimalist sandals or sleek pumps.

  2. Which varnish goes well with a sky blue dress? Given the soft color, there is no doubt about avoiding overly vibrant varnishes. We opt for subtlety and elegance by choosing a nude or slightly pink varnish.

  3. What kind of jewelry? To sublimate a sky blue dress with jewelry, we recommend that you bet on silver jewelry if you want to stay on something very discreet or, conversely, on gold if you want to enhance your look.

In conclusion

  • The sky blue dress is a small fashion nugget. With long or short sleeves, in a short dress or long dress version, with or without prints, it always produces an unforgettable effect. We like to wear it in trendy and romantic cuts (slip dress, skater, Bridgerton dress, babydoll dress, etc.).

  • On the accessory side, it requires sobriety. A wicker basket for the summer with wedge-sole sandals, nude high heels for a wedding, a discreet cream or beige varnish, etc.

  • It is an ideal pastel dress to choose for a wedding if you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated dress!

  • As for those who want to make it a trendy outfit, it must be mixed with bold cuts that have volume or ruffles. We also dare to wear modern sneakers or rock boots to contrast everything!

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