Microchip Payment Implants - Biohacking Trend Or Sign Of Things To Come?

News Image By PNW Staff October 27, 2022
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Arnie Szoke of Great Britain is the latest individual to make the news headlines for a chip implant into his hand that allows him to pay for items with the wave of his hand.

The 40 year old father-of-two from West London said "Using the chip takes a bit of learning. It's like a normal card but you have to be more precise with where you tap. It means I don't have to keep a wallet with me all the time".

Arnie commented that could see this technology expanding to things such as digital ID including passports and driving licenses.. pretty much anything.  However, he says his wife still remained opposed to the idea.

The chips are made by British-­Polish start-up Walletmor. The Walletmor implant, placed just under the skin has a microprocessor with the antenna covered by a safe biopolymer works like a regular credit or debit card and is directly linked to your banking information. That means that the implant can be used almost anywhere in the world.  

It is available for €199 in EU and $299 in the US.  The whole implant procedure only takes about 10 minutes.

Launched just last year, the company recently sold its thousandth implant, which is a breakthrough in the company's development. The implant number 1000 was purchased by a resident of Turku, Finland. This geographic location is no surprise to Walletmor, as Scandinavia accounts for 20% of the company's global sales.

The firm says that it now plans to expand to the Middle East.

Wojtek Paprota, CEO, Walletmor, says: "From now on, the sale of implants, which we will count in the thousands, will be a clear signal to the market that our startup is just accelerating."

A 2021 survey conducted in the European Union and the United Kingdom came up with the result that at least 51 per cent of people will consider having a chip implanted in their body. 

On the other side of Europe Sweden has been rapidly expanding it's use of microchip technology for quite some time with tens of thousands already microchipped:

Notes and coins now make up less than 1 percent of Sweden's economy which is ironic considering it was the first European country to issue modern banknotes, in 1661.

"No cash accepted" signs are now the norm in shops across Sweden as payments go digital and mobile but many Swedes want to take it to the next level as they blend tech with the human body.

Microchip implants that give people the ability to conduct financial transactions, monitor their health (including vaccination status) and even replace keycards to allow them to enter offices and buildings are the new rage as thousands have already been implanted. 

Many technological enthusiasts believe this is the next logical step in a digital society that is quite happy to give up privacy for convenience. That convenience factor is a big reason commuters on the SJ Rail transit system have traded cash for chips:  

Many Bible Prophecy experts believe each of these steps is taking us closer to global acceptance of a digital "mark" commonly called "The Mark of the Beast" that will merge technology and commerce with political and religious allegiance as described in the Book of Revelation. 

Most Christians recognize that current chip implants are not the actual "mark of the beast", yet there is concern that acceptance of such technology is conditioning people for when the real one does come along.  

What often starts off as voluntary can just as easily become mandatory and whereas tech itself may be neutral, in the hands of the wrong person it could be extremely dangerous.  Imagine the technology of today in the hands of Hitler.

Christians have long debated the meaning of the "mark of the beast".  Our generation, however, appears to be the first to have the technology to fulfill this prophecy.  

Many wonder if an anticipated economic collapse/reset would pave the way to merge digital currencies with microchip implants as an entirely new economic system.  The World Economic Forum has already indicated it's interest in spearheading such studies and have expressed support for such an idea.

Soon, you may have to answer the question: 'would you get chipped'?

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