Slot Games Related to Prophecies

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Slot games are, by far, the most popular games in the online gambling industry. They are fun, easy, simple, and, most importantly, entirely luck-based. For many, they are the perfect place to start one’s gambling journey.

One of the reasons online slots have become so popular has to do with their themes. Technological developments allow online slots to look like truly advanced games. From fantasy to science fiction, action, westerns, adventure, and more, most online slots feature a fascinating theme that genuinely draws you in.

One theme that often flies under the radar is “prophecies.” Prophecies are an essential part of every culture. From the Ancient Nordic prophecy of Ragnarok to Christianity’s Revelations prophecy, most of us are familiar with the concept. If you want to play on real money casinos and try your luck with some slots, these are the games you should check out.

Gypsy Rose

For a long time, the Gypsy people have been associated with mysticism, shamanism, and prophesying. And the Gypsy Rose slot game takes inspiration precisely from those long-held opinions about the culture of the Roma people.

The main character in this slot is the Gypsy Fortune-teller, Rose, who glances into her crystal ball to predict your future. And she sees a great fortune, as the slot comes with a 97% return to player rate, a pretty medium volatility rate, and an incredible maximum win of over 300,000 coins.

The symbols are heavily inspired by mystical imagery. We have ravens, potions, tomes of magic, and of course, Madame Rose herself. Anyone who finds the esoteric, mystical, and taboo fascinating will enjoy playing with the Gypsy Rose.

Archangel: Salvation

Christianity is one of the primary religions in the world today. What is more, it continues to grow with each passing day. The religion has recently taken a foothold in Iran, where a million new Christians reside. And the Archangel: Salvation slot is tailor-made for Christian fans.

Based on John’s Biblical prophecy about the end of days, Archangel: Salvation is a low-stake slot where the player’s goal is to assist the host of Heaven against the armies of the Inferno. With an above-average RTP of 96.08% and a minimum bet of only $0.4, newbies and veterans will enjoy this slot.

And the best part is that you can play this game without ever putting down a single bet. If you want to get a taste for slots without taking any risk, you can find the Archangel: Salvation demo option for free on various review sites or the developer’s website.

Book of Helios

The concept of prophecies is nothing new. One of the earliest civilizations revered soothsayers and prophesiers. In Ancient Greece, the Oracle of Delphi was believed to be the daughter of Helios, a sun deity often associated with Apollo. And it is Helios who serves as the primary inspiration behind the Book of Helios slot game.

Before we delve deeper into the slot, the game has a lower-than-average RTP. While the standard for slots today is 96%, Book of Helios has an RTP of 95.50%. However, it makes up for this with a generous grand prize and the Mega Win bonus feature.

Players can put anywhere between $0.20 and $20 bets. On top of that, if all goes right, you can win as much as 20,168 x your stake. And considering ten different pay lines, victory may lie at your fingertips.

The grand prizes usually take a lot of work to win. If you are a newbie, we recommend you place small bets and gamble responsibly before attempting to chase after the big win. You will undoubtedly have more fun if you practice responsible gambling.

Christmas Carol

The final entry on our list is a fan-favorite slot developed by Betsoft. Based on Charles Dickens’ fantastic children’s book, A Christmas Carol, this slot perfectly captures the whimsy and horror of the original. For the unaware, A Christmas Carol tells the story of Scrooge, who is visited by the ghost of his partner, who prophesies that Scrooge will be visited by three ghosts who will teach him the spirit of Christmas.

By the end of the book and of the slot, Ebenezer Scrooge learns the true meaning of Christmas and shares his enormous wealth with those who most need it. The slot incorporates symbols that fans of the original will undoubtedly be familiar with. And with an exorbitant grand prize, the game will appeal to any player.

However, the problem with this slot is its low RTP. At only 94.58%, the game is much lower than the industry standard of 96%. But, with a high prize and low bet demands, it more than makes up for this problem.

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