Easy Ways to Troubleshoot Windstream Internet Connection

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Fiber internet has definitely been a game-changer ever since its arrival, pushing cable and satellite service providers to the back seat! It is faster, more efficient, and completely unaffected by weather, unlike satellite signals and it also doesn’t slow down during peak hours like cable connection.

With more technological advancements, service providers are working to make it available and more accessible in all areas. While consumers don’t doubt its promise and trust in its superior connectivity and symmetrical speeds, most households still believe the widespread misconception that fiber internet is far too expensive.

Windstream Internet is here to burst that bubble – with plans priced at such affordable rates, you’ll want to double-check the price tags yourself!

Windstream Internet Plans

Windstream has a variety of internet plans that’ll make all your high-speed Wi-Fi dreams come true! Want to download a movie quickly, watch a live sports match without seeing that annoying buffering screen, or even game online without any lags?

Look no further than Windstream!

Here are all its internet tiers:

Windstream Kinetic Fiber Internet

500 Mbps with unlimited data

$39.99/month (for 12 months)

Windstream Kinetic Fiber Internet

1 GIG with unlimited data

$69.99/month (for 12 months)

Windstream Kinetic Fiber Internet

2 GIG with unlimited data

$169.99/month (for 12 months)


All of these tiers guarantee a glitch-free internet experience that is unmatched by any other service provider. You can click here to check its availability as Windstream only covers 18 states in the U.S. currently. However, it is expanding its network to bring Gigabit internet to even more households.

If we haven’t convinced you to make the switch yet, you should also know that all new Windstream customers get a $100 Kinetic Visa® Prepaid Card! So, what’re you waiting for?

How to Troubleshoot a Windstream Connection

Just because Windstream’s internet connection is top-notch, that doesn’t guarantee that it’ll never break down once in a while – youmight need to troubleshoot it whenever necessary.

But don’t worry, as this is nothing to be concerned about, since this is a problem with a very easy fix and there’s certainly no need to get in touch with tech support! Here is what you can do to try and fix this problem.

1. You Should Consider Restarting the Router

If there is a bug in your system or two, you can easily get rid of it by restarting your router. Simply unplug it from your wall outlet, wait for exactly 30 to 60 seconds, and then re-plug it. That should do the trick and you’ll find your internet connection to be working much more smoothly.

2. Try Changing The Location Of Your Router

Where you place your router is very crucial!

A lot of people don’t think the location of the router affects anything, when in fact, it does. A router should be placed in an open space or area to get the most out of it, and ideally in a place where most people use their devices, i.e.; living rooms, or bedrooms. So, try switching up the location of your router and see if that makes a difference.

3. Reach Out to Windstream 2/7 Customer Support

If all else fails, contact the pros!

No matter which Windstream package you’re subscribed to, you can still face internet-related issues at the most unexpected of times – once in a blue moon!

There could be a chance that your Windstream service is experiencing an outage across the country or it could be that you just have a faulty modem. If the latter is the case, then Windstream will send you a brand-new modem, free of cost! All you need to do is get in touch with its customer support team who will then run a diagnostic test and then, issue your modem.

If there is a different problem, however, Windstream’s customer support team will be sure to fix it.

All the Perks withWindstream

From seamless online gaming to a stronger connection for multiple devices, Windstream provides it all! It even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try out its services, absolutely risk-free!

If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your subscription within the 30-day time period, you’re eligible for a full refund, including any additional charges that may have been applied.

Windstream also provides 24/7 customer service, all year round, so that you can reach out any time, from anywhere.

In Conclusion

Keeping all such perks in mind, it’s little wonder why Windstream is accumulating popularity as more and more consumers learn about its services and impeccable fiber internet connection.

You can even stay updated with Windstream on social media, and catch all the latest updates and discounts in real time! Kinetic Internet from Windstream keeps the whole family satisfied because not only does it deliver your connection perfectly, but also securely!

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