Fortune Coins - How to Get Free Bonuses and What You Can Do with Them

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Most sweepstakes casinos operate via a dual-currency system, Gold Coins and Sweep Coins. In the same way as play money, Gold Coins can be used to play all the games, but they have no real monetary value and cannot be traded or redeemed for prizes. Like Gold Coins, you can also play all the casino-style games using Sweep Coins, but their main difference is that they can be redeemed for prizes and rewards. Since Sweep Coins can be redeemed for prizes, they cannot be purchased, but Gold Coins can be purchased once you run out of in-game coins. When you purchase Gold Coins, you can receive complimentary Sweeps Coins with your purchase, and this loophole is how the platforms maintain legal compliance with sweepstakes rules. 

Among the rising sweepstakes casinos, Fortune Coins is climbing the ladder. The platform coined its own version of Sweep Coins called Fortune Coins, and this how-to-guide will provide players with all the relevant information about how to get free Fortune Coins via ongoing promotions. For more detailed information on bonus opportunities, visit

Free Fortune Coins: Welcome Bonus

When players register their Fortune Coins account for the first time, they receive a welcome bonus of up to 360,000 Gold Coins (GC) and 1000 Fortune Coins (FC). 

You will receive the following amount of GC and FC after completing a consequence of the steps:

  • Upon registration, you will receive up to 100,000 GC + 200 FC.

  • Upon phone verification, you will receive up to 10,000 GC + 100 FC.

  • Upon email consent to notifications and promotions, you will receive up to 100,000 GC + 300 FC.

  • Upon SMS consent to notifications and promotions, you will receive up to 80,000 GC + 200 FC.

  • Upon Facebook Connect, you will receive up to 40,000 GC + 100 FC.

  • Upon login, you will receive a daily bonus of up to 30,000 GC + 100 FC.

Free Fortune Coins: Refer-A-Friend

Fortune Coins is currently running a Refer-A-Friend promotion, where players can get the chance to win free Fortune Coins. Refer your friends to sign up at the Fortune Coins website for the chance to win a bonus after the referee registers and makes their first purchase. For the referrer to be eligible for redeemable rewards and prizes, the referee must create a unique account and make an initial deposit.

Free Fortune Coins: VIP Program 

Those who love casino-style gaming and want exclusive rewards, bonuses, and coupons will love the Fortune Star Of The Month program. Invite-only players will benefit from additional bonuses, free Fortune Coins, and personalized customer service for their loyal gameplay.

Final Note

As a means of attracting new customers, sweepstakes casinos continually resort to tried-and-true marketing tactics. Despite the fact that sweepstakes casinos provide players with the option to register accounts for free and win prizes using in-game currency, not all players are satisfied. Of course, users alike want something more, and it comes in the form of welcome, daily, and referral bonuses. Hopefully, you were able to learn about some new promotions that result in free Fortune Coins.

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