Poll: Nearly Half Of Christians Believe We Are Living In The End Times

News Image By PNW Staff December 14, 2022
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A large number of Americans across various religious backgrounds believe we are living in the last days of humanity, a recent study showed.

Nearly two in five Americans, including both Christians and the religiously unaffiliated, responded affirmatively when asked if they believe "we are living in the end times," according to a Pew research study published last month.

The study addressed Americans' views regarding the earth, environmentalism and climate change, but a specific portion addressed respondents on their views about the end of the world.

Even though a majority of respondents at 58% did not believe we are living in the end times, four in 10, or 39% said they believe we are.

The majority of those who believe the end is near were self-professed Christians, 47% of whom believe we are living in the last days. 

The study further broke down the statistics to determine that 14% of such Christians believe that the end of the world will culminate with the return of Jesus Christ and that the conditions of the world will worsen until then.

Black Protestants (76%) and evangelicals (63%) were the most likely to believe we are living in the end times.

Mainline Protestants (31%) and Roman Catholics (27%) were less likely to assert they are living in the last days.

These views are also divided along political lines with 45% of Republicans saying we are currently at the end of times as compared to 33% of Democrats. Geography also had an influence with 48% of adults in Southern states saying that we are at the end of times as compared to 37% in the Midwest, 34% in the Northeast, and 31% in the West.

Among those who adhere to a non-Christian religion, nearly three in 10 (29%) said they think the world is wrapping up. A quarter of U.S. adults overall said they believe they we are living at the end of the world but do not hold such specific views about how it will take place, according to the study.

The study also found that "most U.S. adults – including a solid majority of Christians and large numbers of people who identify with other religious traditions – consider the Earth sacred and believe God gave humans a duty to care for it," the researchers said.

The survey cited an article in The Journal of Religion and Health which noted a rise in both secular and religious "apocalypticism" attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many believe what we have experienced was just a foretaste of worse things to come as detailed in the Book of Revelation.

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