AI Can Take Away All a Person’s Work, But It Promises to Leave One

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As AI threatens to take over the world of work, at least one pretty good job will always be in demand. Read on to find out which one...

From dethroning chess masters and game show champions to successful radiologists, the dazzling and sometimes stunning world of artificial intelligence raises profound questions about the future of human professions.

Modern artificial intelligence systems no longer just support employees in narrow aspects of their work. Instead, it stands on the edge of broader responsibilities. In some cases, it fills specific roles entirely. Such as accountants, copywriters, and financial analysts.

Amid this transformation, one question comes to mind. Which professions will eventually be replaced by AI. And which profession will last the longest to become the last human occupation?

The Last Work of Humanity

We argue that eventually all jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence. But one of them will stand the test of time. Humans' final job will be to help AI understand exactly what they want and when they want it. Put simply, the “feedback provider” job will survive the wave of AI while other jobs will be gulped by the technology.

At first glance, our reasoning may seem far-fetched. After all, there are still many jobs where AI doesn't yet stand a chance against human abilities. However, history shows that this will not last long.

Machine Surpassing Human

Over the years, AI has regularly surpassed human predictions of its limits. Some once believed that AI would never surpass world chess champions. But in 1997, IBM's Deep Blue surprised the world by defeating Garry Kasparov, humanity's leading grandmaster. Some then argued that it was impossible to beat humans at a complex game like Go. However, in 2016, AlphaGo beat the world's best Go player, winning four out of five games.

Not only in games, such as gambling games like online roulette nz, but also in professional tasks, even lip reading, AI now beat or equaled humans.

For example, CheXNet AI identifies multiple pathologies more accurately and much faster than radiologists examining chest X-rays. The long list of jobs in which AI has showed skills that are surpassing, sometimes, human capacities, now includes stock trading, writing news articles or reviewing documents.

New Innovations On the Way

New advances will soon likely debunk other claims about AI's inherent limitations in replacing human tasks. For example, some argue that AI will not replace legal professions such as lawyers and judges. However, GPT-4 scored 88 on the LSAT.

Others argued that jobs requiring complex manual dexterity, such as surgery, construction and plumbing, would not be replaced. However, from a computational theory perspective, there is nothing to suggest that robotics cannot reach a point where, for example, an AI-controlled system cannot construct a building on its own. In fact, some progress are on the way. Some factories are "offline" automated. This suggests that small and large objects with detailed fragile parts can be built or repaired by an AI system.

Even in the artistic field, AI models have created new works of art, music and fashion, and even won art prizes.

AI In the Medical Sector

Finally, some argue that certain professions, such as psychologists and doctors, require human input and will always exist. But even this argument can be contested. For example, AI can examine people both psychologically and physiologically using sensors. It can do so continuously. This allows for more accurate diagnoses, treatments, and personalized advice.

In a utopian future powered by artificial intelligence, technology will solve increasingly specialized problems to optimize human happiness. In this future, for example, AI will determine exactly how much salt to use in every bite of every meal to maximize your health and happiness.

Optimization at this level means that the AI will regularly conduct cause-and-effect studies on individuals. This would require people to participate in experiments. Perhaps experiencing simulated realities designed to explore specific aspects of the human psyche.

AI will need human feedback to fully understand and optimize our complex world. This work will likely last longer than any other human work. Because once a computer can fully understand humans, it can perform any task that humans can do; no work can survive beyond this point.

This makes the job of “feedback provider” the latest to survive the AI revolution. For everyone else, Diogenes will leave us with his advice about life without work: “Why do you live if you don’t care about living well?”

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