Understanding What Software Engineers Do

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There seems to be a lot of confusion among people on the exact job of a software engineer. Traditionally, engineers were people who used math, physics, and related fields of study to design and build structures of a variety of different types. 

However, as computers have become a commonplace item in every home—software engineering was born. 

Defining The Role Of A Software Engineer

To be specific, software engineers are tasked with developing and maintaining a variety of software that we use everyday. This means everything from operating systems to the latest Twitch viewer bot or even the software that is used to drive the Mars Rover. 

Of course, while all those categories fall under the term “software engineer”, different fields within software engineering exist. 

Types Of Software Engineering

The list of software engineering jobs is pretty long, so we won’t get into all the details in this short post. However, these are a few types of software engineering that are worth considering::

Game Developer

Ever wondered how your favorite video games are created? A video game developer is a type of software engineer that creates the entire gameplay environment. Using code, they are able to bring in a world of elements to life. The job also entails story telling. 

CRM Project Manager

Customer support and sales form a large portion of the internet nowadays. CRM project managers are software engineers who develop, maintain, and optimize the Customer Relationship Management platforms that are used to facilitate the customer support/sales.

Front-End Engineer

Also known as a front-end developer or sometimes called a web-developer.They are generally tasked with crafting the user interface. This particular type of software engineering requires a lot of design aspects and visual elements. They also need to ensure that websites run smoothly and are compatible with multiple browsers or operating systems.

3D Graphics Developer

Graphic design plays an important role in several different aspects of software, from video games to movies, to user interfaces. A 3D graphics developers is tasked with using graphics design software to render images into cohesive 

App Developer

As smartphones have become ubiquitous, apps are more in demand as well. App developers are software engineers that focus on mobile phone softwares. They are responsible for developing and/or maintaining smartphone applications—which often requires the knowledge of more than one operating system in order to be successful. 

Is Software Engineering All Coding?

Coding refers to using computer languages such as C++ and Java to instruct a computer. That is a very basic definition, because coding can be very complex and requires problem solving as well as multiple other skills. 

Most software engineers need to learn coding at some point of their educational pursuit. However, most do not use code at all in their jobs. A background in coding is needed for them to understand the intricacies of developing software, but they do not all need to be experts in code to do their jobs. 

How To Know If Software Engineering Is The Career For You 

Now that you have some background of what the job entails, it’s natural to wonder whether software engineering is a valid career choice for you. If you are someone who has a creative side and is interested in coding and or software in general, then you might want to try your luck at software engineering. 

Do not be discouraged if you feel that coding is too difficult to learn. Many engineers only know the basics of coding and rely on third-party applications and software to help them engineer the software they are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining. 

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