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Social media has been used to cover a wide variety of topics, food, travel, and entertainment being the most common. Architecture is a niche that doesn’t get much social media coverage, but there is no reason that it shouldn’t.

Here are a few ideas on how Architects and others interested in Architecture can post on social media platforms on their favorite topic. 

Walking Tours Of Architectural Finds

Many people travel to far away destinations to observe up close the various architectural features of buildings in a country. For example, many people would go to Italy to marvel at the architectural wonder that is The Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

You can easily create a YouTube channel of walking tours of different destinations for rare architectural finds worth checking out. If you are worried about the success of your channel, use SocialWick to help you boost your metrics. This type of channel falls both under architecture and travel, so there is a market for this content already.

Architecture Is All About Beauty

Social media platforms such as Instagram are all about beautiful photos. People love to share photos they take of beautiful things they see in their everyday lives. Architecture is an art form that showcases the beauty of building.

So, many social media users will post photos of visually appealing buildings, doors, or anything architectural structures they feel are worthy of a post on Instagram. Some have dedicated Instagram accounts solely for the purpose of posting such photos. 

Other social media posts can get into the detailed assessment of architectural design. There are even some channels dedicated to teaching architectural design concepts. 

The Way The Social Media Can Influence Architecture

Because more and more people are taking photos and videos on social media, architects now take into account how a building looks on camera when they are building it. This is especially important because nowadays most businesses and buildings can be geotagged on social media.

Search engines quickly link the geotag with information about the building itself. 

Additionally contemporary architecture has changed because now many architects are analyzing the ways the social media users use the space within a building to take photos. Since lighting plays a huge role in taking a good Instagram photo, and the architectural design of a building or a room can allow (or restrict) natural light—these are things that modern architects need to consider in their designs.

Interior design has also changed with the rise in social media use. Open plans are much easier to film social media content from because it allows free movement between rooms while filming. 

The Best Architecture Related Social Media Channels

If you’re looking for interesting architecture content on social media, here are two to consider:

  • Architectural Digest: The well-known magazine is active on multiple social media platforms, posting regular content that covers a wide variety of architectural finds.

  • ArchDaily: Millions of users flock to the website everyday, so they decided to share content on social media as well. 

  • The Local Project: A YouTube channel focused on the design aspects of architecture from a community perspective.

Architecture Has A Place In Social Media

Clearly architects use social media just as much as the next person, and there is room for their interests on popular social media platforms. Content is continuously being created that falls under the architectural design niche and it attracts those who are interested in the industry.

Not only is social media embracing architecture, but architecture itself is being influenced by social media users. It seems that the two are impacting each other equally and the relationship between architecture and social media is here to stay. 

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