How Engineers Shape The Internet

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Engineering is often thought of solely as a method of designing structures such as mechanical and architectural engineering. However, software engineering is a relatively recent industry that has branched out into many forms. The internet that we use every day is developed and maintained by software engineers. Keep reading to find out the various ways they shape the internet.

Developing The User Experience

 The way we experience the Internet is primarily through websites, apps and other platforms. The user experience is largely dictated by the way that software engineers design it. Often, they are tasked with optimizing the user experience in a variety of ways to improve the time we spend online.

For example, software engineers may be working behind the scenes to ensure that websites load faster and that they are compatible with whichever browser that a user chooses to operate from. 

Another way that the user experience is maintained by software engineers is that they are responsible for creating the graphics that are used in a variety of different applications online. For example, the graphics used in apps and other online software. 

Engineering The Algorithms Of Social Media

Social media has taken over the internet in the past decade, and software engineers have found ways to put their skills to use in social media as well. The way that social media platforms recommend content is based on an algorithm that software engineers have designed.

Some websites such as SocialGreg are created in hopes of manipulating social media algorithms to the users’ favor—allowing more traffic to be directed towards a social media account. Software engineers work with search engines to ensure that traffic moves organically towards websites and that internet users have their queries answered appropriately. 

The algorithms that software engineers have created for social media networks function in such a way that they solve a problem for the user. For example, if you are browsing YouTube and wondering “what should I watch next?” The algorithm solves this problem by finding content that is more likely to be something you like based on the videos that you’ve already watched, the content you already subscribe to, and a variety of other data such as demographics and age.

Physical Connections Turn Into Digital Connections

Ever wondered how the internet transfers data from one place to another instantly? Wirelessly?Telecommunications engineers are responsible for creating and maintaining the physical connection between telecommunications towers that are in turn responsible for connecting people wirelessly through the internet. 

Without the hard work of telecommunications engineers, the internet wouldn’t exist. The physical connections that they build are responsible for creating safe and secure internet networks that banks and other institutions use to handle sensitive data. ‘

The modern day uses of the internet go well beyond connecting people to each other socially. Banks, universities, and large corporations depend on the internet to function normally.

Conclusion: The Internet Depends On Engineers

As we’ve clarified above, engineers of different kinds are responsible for creating, developing, and maintaining various parts of the internet. Starting from the physical part of the network to the user experience and everything in between. 

If you are thinking of becoming an engineer, there are many options available for you to contribute to the internet and help develop it further. Who knows what the software engineering landscape will look like a decade from now? The industry is changing at a fast pace, and there are new jobs being created every single day. The internet is dependent on engineers of all sorts, and will continue to be that way.

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