How Much Is A Fair Usage Price For X?

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Despite the backlash and many people voicing serious concerns about the direction Elon Musk is taking, X, formerly known as Twitter, is continuing to generate an audience. Regardless of the complaints and how much people complain about the service, it appears that they are still doing so via X. As CEO of the company, Musk’s goal is to keep people on the app. So, whether users are vocally complaining or showering the South African business magnate with emphatic declarations of praise, the most important thing is that they’re still doing it on the app, irrespective of the significant changes that have occurred throughout this year.

Musk is human, after all, so he will want to maneuver himself into a position where the praise far outweighs any criticism. One of the most significant talking points of his proposed manual of changes has been the idea that users should pay, be it a one-off amount of a monthly fee, for a service that they have had for free for years. It’s a hard sell, and it’d be difficult for anybody to take a product you’re using for free, make several seismic changes, and then tell you to pay for it. It doesn’t seem like a strategy that will work or one that will get you top marks at business school. However, this isn’t just any business leader, but the world’s richest man.

Musk has shown on multiple occasions he can battle against popular opinion and come out the other side victorious - so how likely is it that these grand plans will be able to not only come to fruition but turn X into the King of social media sites, which is Elon’s ultimate aim.

Twitter Tips & Blockchain Games - The Future Of Finance?

Before Musk decided to purchase Twitter at the bargain rate of $44 billion, he was an avid site user. He regularly tweets his worthwhile and carefully constructed opinions on various topics, ranging from world affairs to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading meme-coins like Dogecoin. As Bitcoin continues to evolve and cryptocurrency becomes more invasive in the day-to-day proceedings of finance, Musk has turned X into a site where you can tip people using cryptocurrency. It is a solid, practical use of the asset.

As Bitcoin continues to grab headlines and bring finance into the digital age, Twitter isn’t the only place where you can use it for everyday, run-of-the-mill affairs. Cryptocurrency gambling, particularly Bitcoin casinos, is attracting a significant audience. The emergence of more companies using this payment method on their casino platforms to attract new clientele is proving to be a hit. By operating identically to the proven blueprint of traditional casinos, using welcome offers like a first deposit casino bonus and fusing it with the same table games you’d find at a conventional casino, like roulette, craps, and blackjack, crypto casinos could make up a large bulk of the crossover for people looking to find pragmatic ways to use their Bitcoin.

The heightened convenience of a direct peer-to-peer transfer allows Twitter users to tip each other, and it is the same technology that means you can deposit your funds to a crypto casino without getting a central bank involved, which is where the added convenience comes into play. However, that is the tip of the iceberg in cryptocurrency, where there are thousands of altcoins, some influenced by AI, biometric identification, and a host of others aiming to ride the latest technological narrative in a bid to entice potential investors.

Paying For Twitter?

We’ve already witnessed the bizarre and macabre events when Musk first rolled out the idea of blue ticks for everyone for $8. While the idea may have sounded groundbreaking in a boardroom meeting, it backfired spectacularly, leading to a tsunami of people impersonating well-known celebrities and using the blue tick to fire off a mountain of ridiculous tweets that many people fell for due to the blue tick.

While Musk and his team managed to get control of it quickly, the genie was well and truly out of the bottle. There are now ten, potentially hundreds of thousands, who are paying for the privilege of having a blue tick. This model seems to be helping the cash flow at X HQ. Still, now that the idea of paying $1 to tweet or retweet is starting to formulate in Elon’s mind, there’s only so much users will stomach before they begin using another one of the raft of social media websites that are free to use and don’t charge you to retweet something you find amusing or informative.

Final Thoughts

It might sound rather arrogant for a humble content writer to be poking holes in the business acumen of a man currently worth over $250 billion. However, that doesn’t mean his idea to charge users for a service that is historically renowned as free to use is a good idea. Users may be happy paying $10 or $15 monthly for the service. Or perhaps they’ll seek a cheaper, similar alternative, but knowing Elon, it’ll be entertaining either way.

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