Why Do Most Online Casinos Register in Cyprus, Malta, or the Caribbean?

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The population of the twenty-first century prefers digital platforms as online fast payout casinos which have changed the gambling sector and adapted themselves to the needs of the generation, providing features that didn't exist before.

But online casinos need to have a headquarters. Countries like the Caribbean, Malta, and Cyprus are favourites, and companies mostly choose to register in these places. Let's have a look at the reasons.


Malta has a strong regulatory framework for online casinos. This is what makes it a popular choice for e-gaming companies. Also, The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is a giant in the sector. It is one of the largest gaming license providers in Europe. This very fact instils trust and peace of mind among the companies. 

Malta was among the first nations to accept online betting and come forward with regulations. The online gaming sector has contributed €1.56 billion to Malta's GDP in the year 2019. The amount made up more than 10% of the total GDP of the country.

  • European Union Membership and Gaming Regulations. Malta is good for businesses looking to expand as Malta allows for services across borders. This is owing to the fact that Malta is an EU member state. Malta's legal environment is stable and predictable. That is a very favourable scenario for online gambling companies. The Malta Gaming Authority has very practical and well-defined rules, and it very rarely brings any changes to the laws. 

  • Cost-Effective Licensing. Next comes the cost-effective aspect. Malta charges a very minimal amount of €25,000 for one year for B2C gaming services. The B2B Critical Gaming Supply license fees vary. It depends on factors like annual turnover, etc. This cost-effectiveness is a big reason why most online casinos are registered in Malta.

  • Diverse, Skilled Workforce. Malta offers a skilled workforce that adds value to the gambling industry. Here, even college graduates are allowed to work for gambling companies to get experience. In addition to all these, Malta has a very pleasant climate and an advanced communication system. 

Malta is currently the home to around 300 e-gaming companies, and its reputation as an online gaming hub keeps growing with each passing day.


The corporate income tax rate in Cyprus is 12.5%, which is very low. This is what makes it a popular choice for online casinos.

  • IP Box Regime. On profits or earnings that come from intellectual property assets, the IP Box Regime in Cyprus provides a lowered effective tax rate. The rate is as low as 2.5%. This is greatly beneficial for gaming companies.

  • Notional Interest Deduction. Cyprus allows a Notional Interest Deduction (NID) for new equity. This again lowers the effective tax rate to 2.5%.

  • Management and Control Concept. Tax residency is decided based on the management and control concept. This provides a sense of flexibility to businesses.

  • No Withholding Taxes. Cyprus does not charge withholding taxes on dividends, interest, and royalties paid to non-residents. There are exceptions in some cases.

  • Extensive Double Tax Treaty Network. Cyprus is known to have a good network of double-tax treaties. This factor helps in international business operations.

  • Easy Company Incorporation. The process to set up a company in Cyprus is very simple and hassle-free. Cyprus doesn't need the shareholders or even the directors to be present on its soil physically in order to start a company there.

  • Work Permits. Cyprus has simplified the process for getting work permits. This makes it easier for gaming and tech companies to bring foreign talents to the country. This is a very important factor for online gaming firms. Companies have the option to apply to be approved as Foreign Interest Companies (FIC) employers. This lets them bring promising employees on work permits.

  • Tax Incentives for Employees. Cyprus has amazing tax incentives for employees. Cyprus gives a 50% income tax exemption for people who earn more than €55,000. This is applicable for 17 years. It gives a 20% exemption to individuals who make less than €55,000 for 7 years. This is dependent on the condition that they were not taxed residents of Cyprus for a long period.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean offers tax benefits for local companies. This is an important factor in why most online casinos get registered in the Caribbean. The tax benefits mean the firms can function with lower tax amounts. This helps them earn more profits from their businesses.

  • Server Hosting Flexibility. The Caribbean provides the opportunity to host servers outside the jurisdiction, but the primary server has to remain within the Caribbean. This option gives a lot of flexibility and helps firms to save money.

  • Nominal Directorate. The companies are allowed to stay outside the Caribbean. They can use the nominal directorates to act for the company locally. This helps save costs of relocation and also saves operational costs.

  • International Agreements. The Caribbean has many beneficial international agreements. One such example is the Kahnawake agreement. This enables online gaming companies in the Caribbean to expand and operate beyond the shores. This brings them an increased customer base and, thereby, more profits.


Malta offers a robust regulatory framework with affordable licensing, while Cyprus attracts with a low corporate tax rate, simple company setups, and employee tax incentives. The Caribbean provides tax benefits, server hosting flexibility, and advantageous international agreements. These regions offer a combination of financial, operational, and regulatory benefits, making them prime choices for online casino headquarters.

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