4 Things America is Torn On

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We live in a nation that is increasingly torn on a wide variety of issues. And as opinions continue to wedge a wider and wider gap amongst society, the more polarized our country begins to become. 

It seems that people are divided on all sorts of things, regardless of your political party, or where you're from. Conflicting perspectives and the lack of unity are the norm in 2023. Here are some of the most notable things that continue to spark not only debate but in many cases outrage across the country.


There are some people that simply won't budge when it comes to their Second Amendment rights, and there are others that are dead set on making sure guns are outlawed. Well there is undoubtedly reason for concern as gun crimes continue to stain people’s criminal records, individual freedoms are something the United states was built on. Taking away this right for many would be denying who you are as an American. As such, gun control remains a seriously contentious issue.


Once upon a time we could politely disagree on which political party we support, and move on as friends or family. However, now, whatever politician you support seems to be a stamp of your very self-worth. There is a deep division between people who have different political views as cancel culture continues to take over everywhere from Hollywood to corporate America. 

Finding common ground is seemingly less and less possible as platforms like Facebook monetize off of people's rage and conflict. At this rate, it's hard to tell what the future of the United States is with such a substantial division between views.


There are those of us who are dead set on keeping open borders and allowing people in need to come in, while there are others who insist open borders are the source of crime, drugs, and violence. 

Some people even insist that strict views on immigration must mean someone is racist, while others argue that it's simply a matter of putting order in place to maintain security. It's safe to say it's rare to meet two people who have exactly the same view on immigration laws.

Climate Change

People continue to insist that the science proves undoubtedly that climate change is a reality, and many people still refuse to address it. It seems that society can't seem to find a balance between economic and environmental concerns, leading to continuous disagreement on how serious climate change is for the future of humanity.  

America continues to navigate this divisive time, as many find themselves struggling to find common ground with everyone from their family to their coworkers. Yet, the more we can start to accept that our differences are actually our strengths and that it's possible to respect someone without having the same opinion, the closer will be to unifying ourselves as a country.

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