CONMEBOL Unveils 2024 Copa América Host Cities in the United States

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CONMEBOL, the governing body for South American soccer, recently disclosed the 14 cities selected to host matches during the 2024 Copa América, marking the tournament's return to the United States after its last occurrence in 2016. The chosen cities include Las Vegas (NV), Arlington (TX), Charlotte (NC), Orlando (FL), Miami Gardens (FL), Santa Clara (CA), Atlanta (GA), East Rutherford (NJ), Houston (TX), Austin (TX), Inglewood (CA), Glendale (AZ), Kansas City (KS), and Kansas City (MO). Experience the thrill of the America's Cup 2024 by placing your bets on the most anticipated matches at Mostbet. Not only can you indulge in the excitement of competitive sailing, but now you can also elevate your gaming experience at the casino through Mosbet casino

The inaugural match is set to take place at Atlanta United’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, while the grand finale will unfold at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium. This will only be the second instance, following the centenary Copa América in 2016, where the tournament ventures outside of South America.

Initially designated as the host nation, Ecuador withdrew from hosting duties in November 2022 due to economic, security, and stadium concerns. Subsequently, the United States and Peru emerged as the two willing nations to host the 2024 edition, a decision jointly made by CONMEBOL and CONCACAF in January of the same year.

Despite the United States boasting superior stadium infrastructure compared to South American nations, the decision to host the tournament again in the U.S. has faced criticism in Latin America. Ezequiel Fernández Moores, in an article for Argentine outlet La Nación, questioned why the same scrutiny, particularly regarding safety, isn't applied to the United States.

Fernández Moores raised concerns about safety in the U.S., citing the prevalence of mass shootings. He pointed out that, in the first three weeks of 2023, there were already 39 shootings, and over 600 mass shootings were reported in 2022. He argued that it is essential for organizations like CONMEBOL and FIFA to address these issues when selecting host nations.

Despite these concerns, hosting the 2024 Copa América is seen as a significant opportunity for the USA, especially as it prepares to co-host the 2026 World Cup with Canada and Mexico. A successful tournament for the US Men’s National Team could greatly boost national interest in soccer.

The 2016 edition of the Copa América was a resounding success, with a record average attendance of 46,000 and becoming the most lucrative Copa América to date. Lionel Messi's recent arrival at Inter Miami has added to the anticipation, with his influential performances on the field contributing to Inter Miami's victory in the Leagues Cup.

Messi's impact extends beyond the pitch, as evidenced by increased attendance, ticket prices, merchandise sales, and viewership. The Argentine legend's presence has played a significant role in elevating soccer's status in the U.S., culminating in his recognition as TIME's Athlete of the Year.

With the United States set to host three major international tournaments in the coming years, including the Copa América in 2024, the FIFA Club World Cup in 2025, and the World Cup in 2026, the nation is poised to attract even more soccer fans. Messi's influence is seen as a catalyst, transforming the U.S. into a true soccer nation, or as Gregory eloquently stated in TIME, "A fútbol nation."

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