Is Gaming Relaxing? When Escapism Might Be Beneficial

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When you are trying to mix around your schedule to focus on providing yourself with some much-needed relaxation for the sake of your mental health, it is natural to look at your hobbies and work out what is and isn’t healthy. Gaming is an incredibly popular way to pass the time, but is it one that you can specifically resort to as a form of relaxation outside of your own enjoyment of it?

The escapism that comes along with gaming is something that is relatively unique to it, especially with the immersion that you can find with some types of games. So take a look to explore why escapism can be beneficial.

The Relaxing Sub-Genre

What might come to mind first when thinking about this topic is how there are entire genres of games that feel as though they are targeting this very question. Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Abzu, No Man’s Sky – many parts of these games feel as though they are trying to create a sense of calming relaxation.

It is not hard to imagine when these might be welcome. Finishing up a long week of work, or even just an especially grueling day, it can be difficult to leave all of that stress behind you. However, having an easy way to switch off an immerse yourself in a world that looks to remedy that might be the kind of escapism that you can get on board with quite easily – even if you are not that invested in the gameplay mechanics themselves.

Total Engagement

You might also look to go about this in a completely different way. Instead of disconnecting entirely and looking to find a sense of calm, you might look for a game that can enrapture – becoming so invested in what is happening that your stresses begin to fall to the back of your mind. This might be because of the story – as can happen with many narrative-driven games like Red Dead Redemption or God of War – but it might be that you’re more interested in gameplay.

There are several games that arguably put gameplay first, such as the Souls series. Still, there are also immediate and tight gameplay loops that you can find with online pokies and other online casino games. You can view more here if you’re interested in doing so, and being accessible from your smartphone might also help them to be appealing – though it’s important that you enjoy them in moderation to keep them relaxing or beneficial to your health.


As with any hobby, though, you do not want to get to the point where you’re completely relying on games to escape from your daily anxieties. While having a hobby to alleviate stress is valuable, you want to be able to handle these issues in more constructive and healthy ways. Therefore, as with a diet, it is important to think of gaming as part of a balanced lifestyle. Making sure that you spend plenty of time outside, eating well and get

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