Is Huawei's HCIE Authentication Difficult?

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Is it difficult for Huawei IE certification? This is the most worrying problem for many greener or zero based friends who plan to study Huawei's certification network engineers. They are afraid that they will encounter difficulties that they cannot solve during the learning process, or that the difficulty is too great, which will lead to their failure to pass the exam after spending a lot of money and time, So let's talk about the difficulty of Huawei certification exam.

First of all, if you want to pass the Huawei certification exam, Your learning method must be correct.

In the process of learning technology, as long as everyone has studied, you can certainly get the most suitable learning method for yourself. Once the learning method is used correctly, then in the process of learning technology, you will find that the learning efficiency will be very high and the learning effect will be very good, which is much better than those who do not know the learning method. The correct learning method will make things more effective.

The so-called learning method, the author of the growth diary of a network engineer doesn't want to go around in circles. In fact, the best way for a network engineer to learn is to do experiments crazily. This is not just saying to do experiments, but in the process of doing experiments, for example, if you do a knowledge point, can you ask yourself 20 reasons, that is, why you do it, why it is this experimental phenomenon, What if I don't do this? What if I do that? When you study many details very clearly, when you are doing experiments, you will find that it is the same as testing yourself, because you will also encounter various failures in your work.

Therefore, for those which are authoritative in the industry and have high requirements for technical depth, such as Huawei certification, it is very important to fully use a better learning method for your learning effect.

Second, the examination of Huawei Certified Network Engineer HCIE actually has a question bank

You can often see, for example, that a recent graduate of XXX has obtained the most amazing IT certification on the earth. In fact, this nonsense can be used to deceive the layman, because as long as he participates in any it certification around the world, there is actually a question bank. The so-called question bank is also the past examination questions.

So in the learning process, if you want to live up to your conscience, first of all, you should learn the technology very well. Second, if you take the exam, you must also take the exam seriously if you can get the exam questions. Because the exam fees in China are so expensive, especially like HCIE, one exam costs more than 10000 yuan, so I don't think anyone will say anything about not taking the exam directly and rashly, What if the 10000 yuan is used as a float?

So for most people, if they want to take this exam, they should look at the question bank very skillfully, and then go to the certification. In addition, Huawei's HCIE exam still has an interview session. In fact, you can't cheat. Even if you know the question, it is also an open book exam. Because you must be able to answer the examiner's technical questions about you in this interview, your proficiency is very important to you. This is the main reason why Huawei certification has a high gold content.

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