World's Largest Baptist University Hosts 'Queer Sex Ed' Night

News Image By PNW Staff May 09, 2023
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Founded in 1845 and claiming 16,000 students, Baylor University is the world's largest Baptist University and also one of the oldest - it is the oldest perpetually-operating university in Texas.

Despite it's long history of being faithful to the scriptures, their board of regents thought a little leaven wouldn't ruin the whole batch and that appears to be what is currently happening at the school.

In April of last year it officially allowed PRISM to operate on campus - a LGBTQ club that was supposedly going to operate in a way "consistent" with Baylor's Statement on Human Sexuality and the expectation that Baylor students "not participate in advocacy groups which promote understandings of sexuality that are contrary to biblical teaching" and identifies "marriage between a man and a woman as the biblical norm."

Denny Burk, a Baptist theologian, commented on allowing PRISM to operate at the school with some prophetic words: "Some people call this having their cake and eating it too. I call it a failure of basic integrity. If Baylor wishes to be a Christian university, it cannot affirm LGBTQ+ identities in any way. 

Sexual immorality and denial of God's design in creation are not compatible with following Christ. You cannot serve both Christ and sexual immorality. You have to choose. But Baylor's board apparently thinks they can have both. They are wrong. If you split the baby, you kill it. And that's what Baylor has done to its Christian identity.

What does this mean for Baylor? The board approval of this student group is the death knell to their claim to be a Christian university. No one believes that claim anymore. The baby has been torn in two, and nothing short of a miracle can make it whole again"

Proving Burk's words to be true - it took less than a year for it's PRISM club to host it's first "Queer Sex Ed" event whose advertisements featured a Planned Parenthood logo.

PRISM, is clearly an alliance of mostly openly and unrepentant queer Christian students at Baylor that has bought into all the lies of the culture and are eager to spread their beliefs to other students.  Why would a Christian university allow a club that's very purpose is to promote a worldview that contradicts scripture and the purpose for which the school was created in the first place?

Two weeks after Queer Sex Ed, an Instagram post shows that PRISM then went on to host "Tie Dye & Queer Color Theory," with attendees "learning about different pride and gender flags" and "the history and significance of those colors." 

Campus Reform spoke with David Folks, Baylor student and pro-life activist, about PRISM's Queer Sex Ed event.

"This event is not aligned with biblical principles or values. It is a shame that this event is permitted to take place using university facilities and resources," said Folks. "Baylor's motto is Pro-Ecclesia, Pro-Texana. Meaning that Baylor is supposed to be supporting, promoting, and upholding the universal church of 'the living God, a pillar and buttress of the truth' (1 Timothy 3:15)."

"This demonstrates that Baylor--through their permission of this event-- is not caring for the pursuit of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness," he continued, "but rather for people-pleasing and acquiescence to the prevailing, culturally-derived moral standards."

Folks also shared his thoughts on Baylor permitting the promotion of Planned Parenthood on its campus.

He expressed to Campus Reform, "Baylor should sever any connections with Planned Parenthood and should not permit any student organization to affiliate or partner with them. By allowing this, Baylor is either knowledgably engaged with or is complicit in associating the largest Baptist university with the largest baby-murdering organization."

Baylor joins other faith-based schools in abandoning scripture to appease woke students and teachers.  A sample of recent headlines from other "Christian" educational institutions:

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