How to sell a car for parts?

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If you decide to sell your car for parts, don't forget to protect yourself. You should know that if a car is sold, the new and old owners are obliged to report it to the transport department. However, if the car falls into the wrong hands, it can cause harm to the current owner. Many people who buy a car to sell it for parts on the illegal market do not hesitate to apply for a vehicle scrap value calculator and re-register the car. They also do not inform the insurer about it. Consequently, the previous owner is listed in the register and has to fulfill the obligation to pay civil liability insurance. Upon expiration of the payment period, such a person may face a penalty from the Insurance Fund.

Are you wondering how to avoid this? Be sure to report the sale of the vehicle to the relevant transport service. Also, do not forget to notify the insurer of the sale of the vehicle and provide the company with the purchase agreement. This way, in case of illegal actions on the part of the new car owner, you will not be held criminally liable.

Selling a car for spare parts is just one of the illegal activities for which the car you sold can be used. Also, be careful if someone insists that the data of a relative or loved one be entered in the purchase agreement. This may be a purchase on a so-called "blank" - a dead or homeless person - and this practice is used, for example, when the car will be used for illegal activities. It can be used to extort compensation. Sometimes, serviceable cars with low value are used to steal fuel.

Car insurance

You already know how much you will get for the car for scrap, now you can safely look for another car! Remember that after buying a new car, you need to get good insurance. It is best to tailor your car insurance policy to your needs. When the previous owner's insurance expires, it's best to check out the different options available and choose insurance that will fully protect you. You can choose an option by using. Many insurance companies offer this free add-on to their third-party liability insurance. In the event of a car breakdown, the owner who has such a policy can benefit from the evacuation or replacement of the car and get a vehicle scrap value calculator for further processing. Depending on the offer, this may include towing, for example, up to 100 km. 

Civil liability insurance is mandatory vehicle insurance. However, it is worth deciding on additional paid options to get maximum protection. In addition, choose AC insurance and be protected in the event of, among other things: car theft, natural disasters, or vandalism. 

Prohibition to leave wreckage in nature

Because if you own an SUV, you should know that according to the Environmental Code, you are obliged to get rid of the car wreckage under the penalty of criminal punishment. And not for nothing that "used vehicles (WEEE) are considered hazardous waste"! Thus, according to data from the public free vehicle scrap value calculator, if the owners of the ROM do not take care of the removal of their wreckage, they face a fine of up to 75 thousand euros and 2 years in prison.

Please note that these rules apply to all motorized vehicles: cars, scooters, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, or any other vehicles that have reached the end of their service life, are beyond repair, or are scheduled for demolition.

The free wreckage removal service is a service offered to both individuals and professionals. The system is simple and non-restrictive: you make an appointment, and a wrecker will take care of your ELV (end-of-life vehicle). And since we are obliged to sell or transfer our wreckage to an approved ELV center for free, we might as well do it with a free wrecker who will also decontaminate and recycle our old vehicles.

What documents do I need to take my car to a dismantling station?

Before you take your car to a legal scrapyard, you need to prepare the necessary documents. Here is the list of documents required for scrapping a car:

  • a registration certificate or a document that replaces it, issued by the transport department, if the certificate was stolen, destroyed, or detained by the police,

  • transportation card (if issued),

  • identity card,

  • purchase and sale agreement,

  • an entry in the company register if the car is registered to a company,

  • a written power of attorney for consent to scrap the vehicle issued by the other co-owners if they cannot personally appear at the scrap yard.

Removing the wreckage: a gesture for the environment

Abandoning a used vehicle instead of having it removed and recycled by an ELV-approved tow truck in Paris has real environmental consequences. Indeed, the fluids present in the engine, battery, or even radiator are extremely polluting and sometimes even toxic. These fluids will inevitably leak at some point, especially due to erosion. And in this case, you will then be blamed for contaminating the soil and groundwater.  

In addition, an unattended wreck is not only a scourge for the environment but also a danger to road users. Many risks arise from an abandoned vehicle that is out of service:

  • Vandalism: Recovering spare parts or simply wanting to destroy them can lead to the dismemberment of the CCD and thus to the dispersal of hazardous waste.

  • Safety issues: Even if your car is stationary, it can be involved in an accident. Partly because of this, even in a public or private parking lot, you risk receiving an official notice or having a police complaint filed against you if your wreckage appears to be abandoned. Your ELV will then be impounded.

  • Fire: residual fuel and engine oil can leak out of the vehicle due to corrosion, but these products are flammable, in addition to polluting the environment.

Want to choose the best option? It is worth comparing several car insurance policies to decide which one is the best. Please visit the JunkCarsUs branch or contact our consultants via the hotline. You can also find out how much you will pay for third-party liability or AC insurance by using the third-party liability and AC calculator.

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