Where Can You Get Inspiration for Paper Writing?

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Whether a college student or a content creator, you write a lot. Essays and other academic papers, blogs, articles, or social media posts — all they require inspiration and motivation to craft. And while motivation is easy to find (it can be a due date, as a minimum), inspiration doesn't come on demand.

Writer's block, the blank page syndrome, procrastination, and chronophages (anything "eating" your time like the Langoliers) don't allow your writing muse to come. 

Is there anything you can do to break through such a strong defense and let your inspiration spark? Professional academic writers from have shared some strategies and places for students and other creative people to try in search of inspiration. Check them all and choose those your muse loves most.

Here's where you can get inspiration for paper writing:


The most evident inspiration source that creatives often ignore is looking curiously at what happens around them.

Surroundings influence us, affecting our feelings and moods. So, when you feel stuck and can't find a word to write that first sentence of your essay, raise your head from a laptop and look around. Notice people: What are they doing? What do you think that lady tells her dog? Notice details: Why could that gentleman standing under a park tree wear a pink tie today?

Release your imagination and make it fly! It will help unlock the areas of your brain

responsible for creativity and let your inspiration in.

Photos and Arts

Go to museums and photo exhibitions for inspiration. Through the ages, magnificent paintings inspired many writers (Dan Brown with his The Da Vinci Code and Tracy Chevalier with her Girl with a Pearl Earring, to name a few), so why not follow their lead?

Walk around local galleries, take virtual tours, or check art books online. Don't hurry: Pay attention to the details authors placed in their works (Hieronymus Bosch's paintings are perfect for that!), try to imagine their moods, build mini-stories in your head, etc. You'll be surprised how inspired you'll feel after such art therapy sessions.

The same trick works with photos from professional artists:

They are an excellent source of inspiration for paper writing. If you don't have any photo exhibitions at your place, go online to check photo books or remarkable photo collections on Google.


Music compositions set the desired mood and positively affect our thinking process. Studies prove that particular music helps focus and make repetitive tasks more enjoyable, thus boosting inspiration and productivity. So, here's the plan:

Turn on a proper music composition when you need to write but don't feel inspired, and see what will happen in 5-10 minutes. It will set the tone, flourish your imagination, and awaken a desire to create something.

What music is the best one for that?

Most experts agree that soothing and melodic compositions work best. Instrumental, jazz, and nature sounds are nice to try. (Choose music with no lyrics: Hearing song words may distract your focus on the writing task.)

Other Writers

Who is your writing guru?

Whether you love Stephen King's psychological thrillers or enjoy concise and straightforward sentences Ernest Hemingway crafted, use their works as your inspiration boost. Re-read several pages from your favorite writer's works to awaken your writing proactivity.

Depending on the writing type you create, consider different gurus to revive your inspiration:

For college students to write an essay, the work of a professional paper writer might do the job. For bloggers, the articles of Jon Morrow (don't miss his On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas) could be the primary example of ideal storytelling and emotional writing readers will remember. For journalists, what about Marie Colvin, Bob Woodward, and Carl Bernstein?

For fiction (and non-fiction) book writers, check the essays on writing craft from George Orwell, Ann Handley, and Chuck Palahniuk.


According to studies, long-distance walks increase brain volume, while traveling develops imagination. So, when you experience study or work overload and feel unable to maintain efficiency, go to a park or organize a weekend trip:

A change of scenery can boost ideas and encourage productivity. New places inspire and give energy, so why not try this trick when you have a writing task to complete?


Your fluffy (or not) four-legged (or not) friends can be a perfect source of inspiration! More than that, your cats or dogs help you write papers faster:

Communicating with them boosts mood and reduces anxiety or feelings of panic (such as those you might have about missing a deadline, for example, and thus feeling stuck and unable to get even a word out of yourself).

Also, having a pet nearby will encourage you to take a short break from writing (which is critical for productive work and creativity boosts).

Over to you:

Next time you need to write a paper but experience a lack of inspiration, don't despair. There's no point in staring at a blank page and forcing yourself to get a word out; it doesn't work that way. For your inspiration to come, try alternative options:

Walk around, visit a museum, turn on your favorite music, or pat your pet. Inspiration is sure to come with whatever method you choose. The trick is to find out what your muse loves and create a suitable "trap" to catch it right when needed.

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