Serhiy Tokarev About Ukrainian IT projects as key to attracting investment

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Serhiy Tokarev, an IT entrepreneur and co-founder of the investment group Roosh, in his article for Economic Pravda, emphasizes that Ukraine is setting itself the task of developing a transparent reservation system, exempting employees from mobilization, and organizing business travel processes for technical specialists. Currently, the border crossing is a major obstacle for the Ukrainian IT sector due to restrictions on personal communication with representatives of technology companies, which is important for investors.

The COVID-19 pandemic and international travel restrictions have exacerbated the situation, making it impossible to hold product launches, close deals with new partners, and attend major technology events offline. This limitation significantly complicates the cooperation of Ukrainian companies with foreign partners and investors. Serhiy Tokarev says that video conferences, such as Zoom, are only able to partially replace personal communication and interaction with the international community, and that complicates the development of the Ukrainian IT market.

Serhiy Tokarev notes that a significant part of foreign exchange earnings in Ukraine is provided by the activities of IT specialists. In fact, the IT sector is one of the main sources of foreign exchange earnings for the country, thanks to the export of IT services and products to global markets. This sector is also one of the most dynamically developing in Ukraine, attracting investment and contributing to economic growth.

Ukrainians realize that the military conflict with Russia does not have a quick solution, and therefore they focus their efforts on earning money to support the country's defense. Economic stability and sufficient financial resources become necessary for the acquisition of weapons and military operations to counter aggression.

To ensure the effective functioning of the IT sector and the mobilization of resources for the country's defense, it is extremely important to develop and implement transparent legal mechanisms that will protect employees from unexpected mobilization and ensure the organization of safe business trips. This contributes to the sustainability of the economy and maintaining a high level of state defense readiness.

Every day the problem of limited visibility of Ukrainian IT specialists outside the country is becoming more acute. Foreign investors experience a certain mistrust when considering the possibility of cooperation with Ukrainian companies. One of the key reasons for this is the difficulty of assessing the situation in the country, including security issues in the western regions of Ukraine and the reliability of mobile communications and the Internet.

In order to attract investment in Ukrainian projects and companies, it is necessary to demonstrate stability and reliability to potential investors. Entrepreneurs in the technology sector of Ukraine should clearly indicate that their teams have moved to safe areas, and their offices are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable work and have a stable Internet connection. Such actions help establish trust on the part of potential investors and create favorable conditions for investment in Ukrainian projects.

Despite the difficulties faced by the Ukrainian IT industry during the period of hostilities, there is significant interest from foreign investors in Ukrainian projects. Financial support for startups, such as the Zibra AI company with an investment of $500,000 or the Haiqu startup with an investment of $4 million, indicates the potential of Ukrainian projects and interest in their further development.

Serhiy Tokarev focuses on the fact that the development of the business environment and the active participation of the Ukrainian technology sector on the world stage contributes to the formation of a powerful and progressive Ukraine.

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