Lack Of Faith In Washington Leads To New Surge Of American Preppers

News Image By Michael Snyder/Economic Collapse Blog June 23, 2023
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A brand new survey has discovered that a lack of faith in the government in Washington is motivating large numbers of Americans to hoard "water, food, warm clothing, weapons, and cash" for the extremely chaotic times that are ahead of us...

People watching President Joe Biden's shaky grip on Washington have lost faith the government will protect them in a doomsday event, and that's driving a national prepper movement.

With the Doomsday Clock the closest to midnight it has ever been, over 70% in a new survey of 6,200 said they "do not have faith in the government" in a catastrophe such as a nuclear war or even climate-change-fueled disaster.

As a result, many are hoarding water, food, warm clothing, weapons, and cash to help them get through the worst days of a doomsday event.

These days, companies that are helping people get prepared for what is coming are generating more revenue than ever before.

In fact, the emergency food industry now generates approximately 500 million dollars in sales each year.

And it turns out that those that are in the 40-year-old to 65-year-old age bracket are the most likely to be prepping...

Those aged 40-65 are more likely to be prepping, and twice as many men as women are getting ready for a disaster.

Just what that disaster will be is dividing the nation. Some 55% cited climate change, 36% virus and disease, and 25% a nuclear attack. But there were other concerns. 

Over 15% are concerned about an asteroid strike, 15% about a robot or artificial intelligence "takeover," and 7.5% about a "zombie apocalypse."

It doesn't surprise me that middle-aged Americans are the most likely to be prepping.

I have noticed that a lot of young people under the age of 40 just don't understand the changes that we are witnessing all around us.

But those of us that are a little bit older and a little bit wiser can see where global events are taking us.

At this point, even middle-aged celebrities such as Josh Duhamel are preparing for what life will be like after things "hit the fan"...

"Transformers" and "Las Vegas" star Josh Duhamel has spoken out about becoming a doomsday prepper, stating that he's planning on protecting his family if the "s*** hits the fan" in Los Angeles. The actor, who has starred in the TV show "Las Vegas," gave an interview in which he explained, "I've become a bit of a doomsday prepper, I guess."

Duhamel told the website Inverse, "I'm learning how to hunt. I fish." He added, "Suddenly I had 54 acres out there. So I had two cabins, one with no electricity or water. They both have wells and electricity now, but they're both really small."

Overall, it has been estimated that over 20 million Americans are "actively planning" for some sort of a major emergency...

In 2020, more than 20 million Americans, nearly 7 percent of all U.S. households, were actively planning for an emergency, according to the latest analysis of Federal Emergency Management Agency data.

Plus, those stockpiling canned goods in the cupboards, caching ammunition and hoarding toilet paper now come in all stripes - from suburban 'guardian moms' to multi-millionaire tech gurus.

Since that figure is a few years old, I have a feeling that the true number would be significantly higher now.

When results from the poll are are broken down by state, residents of Arizona were found to have the least faith in the government, with over 81.88% expressing distrust. This leaves only one fifth of Arizonans believing the government will help them when the end of the world as we know it arrives. 

This figure also remains high in Kansas, where 78.18% of respondents lack faith in the government supporting them through global catastrophe, making it the second-least trusting state. Our fourth-least trusting state is Alabama, where 77.66% of residents do not feel that they could depend on the White House for support during the apocalypse. Over in Pennsylvania, the birthplace of American democracy, over three quarters (76.99%) of residents expressed a lack of trust in the government to guide them through doomsday.

It was discovered Nebraskans are the most prepared, with 41.35% stating "they have already stored some essentials away, or are planning to."

Further, 37.85% of those from Nebraska had "at least one month's worth of doomsday supplies.

Second in those categories was Montana, followed by New Mexico, Mississippi and Wisconsin.

The vast majority of doomsday preppers were found to be spending $1,000 to $4,999 on disaster preparation, though in some states, this figure rises up to $10,000.

Perceived needs included water, 41.2%, warm clothing, 39.3%, and food at 38.2%

The survey confirms concerns charted over the years that Americans remain fearful about an attack that will cut off power and make food and water scarce, such as from an electromagnetic pulse attack from Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea. A congressional report said just one EMP attack knocking out power to the East Coast would lead to the deaths of 90% who live there.

Originally published at The Economic Collapse Blog - reposted with permission.

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