Roaming the Wild: A Journey Through Kenya's Safari Wonders

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If your next travel plan involves safaris, then a Kenya safari is perfect for you. Located in East Africa, Kenya is known as the wildlife capital for several reasons. With numerous Kenya tour packages available, a visit to this destination is simply worthwhile.

Kenya is a beautiful country, supported by a rich ecosystem. It boasts almost all geographical features, such as mountains, lush forests, flowing rivers and lakes, golden-hued savannahs, bushes, the stunning Indian Ocean coastline, and much more. In these habitats reside various species of wildlife and birdlife. Wild Voyager offers authentic Africa trip where the Big Five group can be witnessed along with other mammal species.

For excellent game drives, here are the top parks that offer a wonderful journey in Kenya’s wilderness.

Masai Mara National Park

Renowned for its expansive rolling grasslands, baobab trees, and a healthy population of wildlife, the Masai Mara is among the greatest parks for safaris not only in Africa but around the world. The park is named after the indigenous Maasais who are the original inhabitants of the park. Its rich history and culture make the park a popular place for safaris.

Masai Mara is home to the Big Five group along with other hoofed animals as well. Both predator and prey species are plentiful, creating dramatic action between them. The main spotlight of the Mara is the wildebeest or the great migration. Millions of wildebeest, thousands of zebras, and hundreds of impalas, gazelles, and other hoofed animals are involved in this migration. It starts from Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, which is located next to Masai Mara. This spectacular journey involves dramatic river crossing in Nile infested river and predator-prey interaction. The best time to visit Masia Mara to witness the Great Migration and adventurous safaris is between July to October.

Nairobi National Park

Have you ever seen a safari park situated inside a city? Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, is considered to be the only city in the world to house a safari park. Known as Nairobi National Park, it is the first-ever park in the country.

Nairobi National Park has a huge range of wildlife roaming freely in its natural habitats. Lions, leopards, hyenas, giraffes, buffalos, cheetahs, and even the endangered rhinos are some of the animals found here. In the park, one can find the Kifaru Ark which is a rhinoceros conservation sanctuary, considered among the most successful rhino sanctuaries in Kenya. Nairobi Animal Orphanage is also a great place to visit and see wild rehabilitated animals.

Amboseli National Park

Surrounded by the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli National Park is one of the scenic parks of Kenya. It is majorly known for housing hundreds of elephant herds in the park. Witnessing the elephants against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro is a sight to behold.

In Amboseli, it is possible to spot the Big Five animals along with other species like Topis, hyenas, gazelles, kudus, rare African wild dogs, and many more. Due to the park’s luscious vegetation, animals are seen roaming freely. There are some attractions that can be visited in Amboseli such as the Sinet Delta which is a birder’s paradise and offers excellent views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Lake Amboseli, the lifeline of many animals living in the park, can also be visited as many animals frequent the lake, Boat safaris can also be experienced at Lake Amboseli. One can also visit Observation Hill in the park which offers panoramic views of the park.

Tsavo National Park

Tsavo is Kenya’s oldest and largest national park. It is set in a huge wilderness area which is divided into Tsavo East and Tsavo West. For those looking for something unique and off-track, Tsavo is a great safari destination as it is not only found in a remote location but also attracts a lesser tourist crowd than other parks.

Tsavo East has sparse vegetation and so, wildlife can be viewed easily. In this section reside many animals including the Big Five. One of the main reasons to visit Tsavo East is for their rusty red elephants that are often seen playing in the soil. Some other attractions in Tsavo's east and west are the Yatta Plateau which is the longest lava flow and the Gala River, a major water source for animals. On the other hand, Tsavo West flaunts incredible topography like the Mzima Springs, Shetani, open grasslands, acacia woodlands, riverine vegetation, and more. Many animal species can be spotted from the park’s Poacher’s Lookout.

Samburu National Reserve

Set on the banks of the EwasoN’giro River, Samburu is an underrated national reserve of Kenya. It attracts lesser tourist crowds, allowing for a quieter and much more rewarding safari.

Samburu is a haven for a range of wildlife species. The Samburu Special Five is spotted exclusively in this reserve. This group consists of gerenuk, Somali ostrich, grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, and beisa oryx. Moreover, camel rides are also offered in this reserve. The best place to spot Samburu’s wildlife is near the EwasoNgiro River where animals gather together for water. One can also embark on a cultural tour to experience the lifestyle of the local Samburu tribe living inside the reserve.

Aberdare National Park

If you want to stray away from bush adventures, visit the Aberdare National Park instead. In the Aberdare ranges lies the Aberdare National Park, a unique wilderness region that sits 4000 meters above sea level.

Compared to the savannahs, the park consists of dense rainforests. This unique habitat shelters animals such as lions, hyenas, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and many more. Skyes monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, and other monkey species are found in the park’s forests. There are many attractions to visit in the park such as waterfalls, cliffs, steep ravines, and open moorlands. Besides game drives, one can also plan trekking or hiking in this park. The Elephant Hills, which stands at 3720 above sea level, offers amazing hiking experiences where different animal species can also be spotted. Mount Satima, which is the highest peak of the Aberdare range, offers incredible views of the Great Rift Valley. You can also try climbing waterfalls like Karuru, the tallest waterfall in Aberdare National Park.

A Kenya safari promises to offer unforgettable memories. Book your Kenya tour packages today and don’t forget to include the above list of parks in your itinerary!

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