Maxim Krippa, who is an investor in Maincast and NAVI, tends to avoid publicity

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In a recent dialogue with DIRECT RED, Vitaliy Volochay, a prominent figure in esports and co-founder of Maincast, delved into the intricacies of his partnership with investor Maxim Krippa.

Offering insights into their collaboration, V1lat discussed with Ukrainian publication the subtle dynamics of Maxim Krippa's involvement in the company.

Mr. Krippa, a significant stakeholder in the esteemed esports entity NAVI, became a 25% shareholder in Maincast shortly after its inception. This strategic move markedly bolstered the company's growth trajectory and financial backing. Despite wielding substantial influence, Maxim Krippa remains committed to a preference for privacy, opting for a discreet approach seldom observed in the bustling esports sphere.

The partners and the studio and their uninterrupted synergy

Renowned for its unparalleled delivery of esports content and orchestration of top-tier tournaments, Maincast stands as a beacon of excellence in the ever-evolving gaming media landscape. Through captivating live streams that capture pivotal moments in esports, alongside the curation of engaging media content such as in-depth analyses, exclusive interviews with industry titans, and riveting documentaries, Maincast consistently enriches the gaming culture and communities worldwide. These initiatives not only fortify Maincast's standing in the esports domain but also contribute significantly to the global advancement of the industry.

Reflecting on their initial collaboration, V1lat fondly recollects, "I was in pursuit of an investor, and it marked his inaugural foray into esports. Our meetings were filled with discussions elucidating the essence of esports, its magnetic allure, and its boundless potential. Max's investment not only signified a vote of confidence but also underscored his visionary outlook for the future. His passion for the industry burgeoned so fervently that within two years, he made the momentous decision to acquire NAVI."

This narrative illuminates the symbiotic relationship between V1lat, Maincast, and Max Krippa, epitomizing the fusion of visionary entrepreneurship and unwavering dedication propelling the esports industry to unprecedented heights.

More about the studio's founders and Maksym Krippa

Maxim Krippa, widely acknowledged for his influential presence in the esports arena, has expanded his reach into realms beyond, including game development and real estate ventures. Notably, Krippa's ascendancy in esports gained momentum following his acquisition of a majority stake in NAVI, a globally acclaimed esports powerhouse, back in 2018. Building upon his sterling reputation and extensive knowledge in esports, Krippa has also provided support to GSC Game World, the esteemed developer behind the eagerly awaited S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.

At the helm of Maincast LLC stands Mykola Pirozhenko, steering a Ukrainian company specializing in crafting compelling esports content. Maincast actively pursues the acquisition of broadcasting rights while organizing a diverse range of esports events. Krippa stands out as a prominent Ukrainian entrepreneur, renowned for his substantial investments spanning various sectors, including IT, game development, and real estate.

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