USAID Links Foreign Aid To Promotion Of LGTBQ Policies

News Image By Jake Smith/WND News Center August 08, 2023
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The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) recommended new LGBTQ advancements and programs for its 100+ locations across the globe, according to a new policy framework released this week.

The USAID aims to promote pro-LGBTQ policies and increase the presence of LGBTQ "programming" via its mission locations throughout the world, which include Africa, South America and the Middle East, according to the 2023 "LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development Policy." 

These programs include appointing LGBTQ "focal point" leaders, integrating LGBTQ "inclusion" into crisis response and working with foreign local LGBTQ groups to influence and drive policy.

The USAID views pro-LGBTQ advancements as "cause for cautious optimism" and claims that measures are needed to keep foreign nations from "backsliding," according to the framework.

"USAID plays a crucial role in agenda setting, promulgating norms and precedents, and encouraging multi-sectoral investments that support LGBTQI+ inclusive development globally," the framework reads. "While recent momentum in some countries toward repealing and reforming laws that criminalize same-sex conduct--including many anti-LGBTQI+ laws inherited from colonial powers--is cause for cautious optimism, some countries have experienced significant backsliding."

"Globally, serious gaps in fundamental legal protections for LGBTQI+ individuals remain," it continues.

USAID plans to address these gaps through various means, including by appointing an LGBTQ "focal point" leader at each mission to help "advance LGBTQI+ inclusive development," according to the framework. The leader will work on and advise diversity, equity inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) councils and spearhead efforts to "cultivate relationships" with local LGBTQ communities.

USAID will also promote "inclusive approaches to humanitarian and development assistance" that highlights "the participation, needs, and capacities of LGBTQI+ individuals in these settings" in an effort to reduce crisis events that "disproportionately" affect them, according to the framework.

One section of USAID's new framework encourages "youth programming" through "meaningful engagement" and bringing them on as allies in "key development forums and in cross-cutting programmatic priorities."

"For example, USAID prioritizes using an 'ages and stage' approach in youth programming. During these crucial periods, young people may need varying levels of support during self-identification of their SOGIESC [sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and sex characteristics] as youth may encounter numerous challenges, from bullying and violence at school to losing family support at home," the framework reads.

USAID "focal point" leaders will be required to work closely with local groups to address the needs of LGBTQ individuals, which include "social services and protective spaces that provide safe, compassionate care in response to harm," according to the framework. All USAID staff will be required to complete an e-module on LGBTQ-inclusive development, which will detail how staff can be more inclusionary of LGBTQ people in the "USAID workplace."

USAID warned that failure to promote "LGBTQI+ inclusive programming" will further marginalize LGBTQ groups and "raise the risk of social instability and even conflict," according to the framework.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, along with other Republican congressional members, introduced legislation on Tuesday that would abolish USAID on the grounds that the organization promotes left-wing policies over actual humanitarian relief.

"USAID uses United States tax dollars to push radical, leftist ideology abroad, going so far as to undermine foreign governments who do not adhere to the perverse ideology it espouses," the legislation reads.

Originally published at WND News Center - reposted with permission.

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