Archaeologists Are Making Bombshell Discoveries In The Land Of Israel

News Image By Michael Snyder/End of the American Dream September 13, 2023
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I am so excited about some of the incredible archaeological discoveries that are being made in the land of Israel.  In our time, we get to see ancient locations that literally haven't been seen for centuries.  But even more importantly, many of the discoveries that are being made in the land of Israel confirm important details of Biblical accounts.  

In particular, some of the things that archaeologists have found at the ancient city of Shiloh are absolutely amazing.  But first, I want to discuss the excavation work that has been happening at the Pool of Siloam.  Ancient steps that Jesus literally stepped on are being uncovered for the first time in nearly 2,000 years, and the site will soon be open to the general public.  The following comes from Fox News...
A new excavation project in Jerusalem has unearthed steps unseen in over 2,000 years at a place where the New Testament records Jesus as having healed a blind man.

The Israel Antiquities Authority, the Israel National Parks Authority and the City of David Foundation early this year announced that the Pool of Siloam, a biblical site cherished by Christians and Jews, will be open to the public for the first time in 2,000 years in the near future.

In recent weeks, archeologists achieved significant progress in the excavation, unearthing some eight steps descending into the Pool which had not been seen in 2,000 years -- around the time when Jesus walked the earth.

I have read the account of Jesus at the Pool of Siloam countless times.

But I never imagined that any of us would ever get the chance to actually be there.

As you can see from the video below, the steps that they are excavating are remarkably well preserved...

I would love to visit this site someday and see all that they have uncovered.

But it could be argued that the discoveries that archaeologists are making at Shiloh are even more amazing.

It would be difficult to overstate the important of Shiloh.  Prior to the time of King David, it had been ancient Israel's most important city for centuries, and it was also the location where the Tabernacle stood...

"The city of Shiloh, located in the heart of the Biblical hill country, became the first capital of Israel shortly after the conquest of Canaan around 1400 BC.

"The city was the cultural, religious, and political centre of the nation.

"Therefore, it was here that Israel pitched the Tabernacle and here the Ark of the Covenant dwelt before it was put into the Temple in Jerusalem at the time of Solomon."

Dr. Scott Stripling is the director of excavation at Shiloh, and during a recent interview with CBN he shared evidence that indicates that his team has been uncovering the precise location where the Tabernacle once stood...

We asked Stripling if he believed they'd actually found the Tabernacle. He answered, "I'm not ready to say I know for certain, but I'll tell you what we do have is a building that is matching the dimensions of the Tabernacle. It's from the Iron One period, which is the Tabernacle period of Eli and Samuel, and you're actually standing right now, Chris, on this wall right here."

"So this entire area is this massive, monumental building. It orients east-west and it's divided on 2 to 1 ratio, like the Tabernacle was," Stripling explained.

I was absolutely stunned when I first read that.

But there is more.

According to Professor Tom Meyer, a series of holes in the bedrock that could have supported the posts of the Tabernacle have been discovered.

In addition, three stone horns "that once adorned three of the four corners of the horned altar in the Tabernacle" have been also found...

Professor Meyer said: "This area, known as the 'Tabernacle Plateau', is sufficiently large enough to house the 150'x75' Tabernacle courtyard.

"Archaeologists found small cavities hewn into the bedrock of the plateau at intervals; these were perhaps postholes used to support the wooden poles of the outer Tabernacle fence.

"Nearby, archaeologists also discovered three stone horns that once adorned three of the four corners of the horned altar in the Tabernacle courtyard."


I really do not understand why all of this has not been getting more attention.

On top of everything else, there are the countless animal bones that are still waiting to be fully excavated.

The presence of these animal bones is very strong evidence that this was a place where animal sacrifices were done on a very large scale...

As we stood over the site, Stripling said, "This is unexcavated, underneath your feet, and my feet is about (4 feet) of solid bone, waiting to be excavated. Bone on top of bone, on top of bone. And we have micros stratigraphy in this area so we can see that the deposition is laid down over a long period of time, just like the Bible says."

When asked what kind of bones would be found there, he replied, "Sheep, goat, cow - and disproportionately from the right side of the animal."

The workers had uncovered, just that morning, jaw bones coming from the right side of the animals.

"Why is the right side so significant?" he asked. "Well, the priests are the ones who live here, and Leviticus 7 tells us that the right side of the animal is the priest's portion. So, I can't make this stuff up. You know, you got a hundred thousand bones and they're disproportionate. Give me another explanation. It just happens to coordinate with what the Bible says."

In the video that I have posted below, you can watch Dr. Stripling discuss some of these remarkable discoveries...

A theologian also made headlines this week when he claimed archaeological finds in Jordan are proof the biblical city of Sodom really existed.

Scientists previously found evidence that the ancient city of Tall el-Hammam in the southern Jordan Valley was destroyed in a catastrophic event.

And Dr John Bergsma, a Professor of Theology at Ohio's Franciscan University, suggests such an event mirrors what is in the Bible.

According to Genesis, God rained sulphur and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah for their "wickedness" - completely obliterating them.

Examples of such devastation were seen in Tall el-Hammam and what was found completely changed Dr Bergsma's perspective on the Old Testament.

He recalled evidence of extreme heating on skeletons and fragments of pottery found by the archaeologists.

About 3,600 years ago the city of Tall el-Hammam was thriving - significantly larger and more powerful than Jerusalem or Jericho.

But almost overnight it was gone.

The absence of any arrowheads or other signs of a siege in the ruins suggested that whatever destroyed Tall el-Hammam and its neighbor, it wasn't a military attack.

Steven Collins, the principal archaeologist at Tall el-Hammam, told Dr Bergsma about some of the astonishing findings.

He discovered pieces of pottery discovered on the site had been covered in Trinitite.

Trinitite, Dr Bergsma explained, is "that glass layer that you get when you set off an atomic bomb in the desert and it melts the sand".

Dr Bergsma continued: "They also started to find human remains.

"Human skeletons that are complete up until about halfway up the backbone and then there's just a scorch mark and there's nothing on the top of the body...

"They find massive evidence that a huge heat blast from the sky at about 25C above the horizon incinerated these twin cities on the Jordanian side of the river."

The catastrophe could have thrown up masses of salt from the nearby Dead Sea.

The airburst also appeared to have produced large amounts of salt, according to James Kennett, emeritus professor of earth science at the University of California.

It calls to mind the story of Lot's wife being turned to salt after the destruction of Sodom.

Dr Bergsma is convinced, saying: "It really changed my perspective on the Old Testament map because what it pointed out to me is things that sounded too outlandish to be history... is actually shown to be a historical event."

The things that I have shared with you in this article are incredible, but we continue to wait for the biggest archaeological bombshell of all.

It is quite possible in our time the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant will be publicly revealed.

The Temple Institute in Israel has openly admitted that they know exactly where it is, and once the discovery of the Ark is finally made public everything will change.

So keep a very close eye on the land of Israel, because the discoveries that have been announced so far are just the tip of the iceberg.

Originally published at End of The American Dream - reposted with permission.

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