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Regulator: Half Of America Faces Power Blackouts This Summer

Tens of millions of Americans could be thrown into a summer of hell as a megadrought, heatwaves, and reduced power generation could trigger widespread rolling electricity blackouts from the Great Lakes to the West Coast.

WHO Treaty Coming Next Week - Giving Teeth To The UN Beast

Simply stated, in the name of public health, the Biden administration plans to literally hand over America's national sovereignty to the World Health Organization when the next health emergency hits--and such an emergency is waiting in the wings.

USGS Hides Alarming Earthquake Trend to Avoid Public Panic - VIDEO

This award-winning prophecy film has finally proven the convergence of events that Jesus warned would occure in the last days is happening right now.

Progressive Educators Warn Homeschooling Is Racist & Too Christian

It takes a true dedication to delusion to survey the public education system and higher education and conclude that homeschoolers are the problem.

Where Do People Go For Info About The Christian Faith? Bible, Church or Google?

The research shows that most of the UK non-Christians surveyed (26%) go to Google to find out about the Christian faith, while “the next two top ways are reading the Bible (22%) and going to a local church (22%)”.

2,000 Year Old Translated Greek Scripture Reveals New Biblical Insight - VIDEO

After 20-years of research and development, a team has successfully retranslated the New Testament with the original lost Greek meaning!

Are We Being Set Up For The Great Delusion? Congress Opens Hearings On UFO's

For decades, a very thick cloak of secrecy has surrounded what the government really knows about UFOs, but now our politicians are talking openly about such things. In fact, Congress just held their very first public hearing about UFOs in 50 years. Why have they suddenly decided to reveal so much?

Other News

May 19, 2022DOJ Silent As Increasing Number Of Churches & Pro-Life Organizations Vandalized

As the list of vandalized churches and pro-life organizations continues to grow due to pro-abortion extremist attacks in the wake of the leaked Dobbs Supreme Court decision, the silence from the U.S. Department of Justice is becoming increasingly deafening....

May 19, 2022Depressed Teens, Unsuppressed Phone Addiction

New CDC data on American high schoolers' mental health "echo a cry for help." More than a third reported "poor mental health," 44 percent felt "sad or hopeless," and around one in ten attempted suicide....

May 17, 2022America Bows To Globalism - New Treaty Will Make US Obligated To WHO Policies

The World Health Organization (WHO), is planning to orchestrate a massive new power grab to internationally control the response to any future global pandemic by all member nations. If Americans don't wake up fast Joe Biden is about to hand over your health sovereignty to an International organization as early as next week....

May 17, 2022Christian Students Could Face Suspension For Use Of Wrong Pronouns

Christian students in Fairfax County Public Schools will face an uphill battle against this increasingly intolerant culture--and what begins in a wealthy D.C. suburb will be quickly exported to other school districts as well....

May 17, 2022Why No One In Israel Is Cheering A Biden Visit

While presidential visits to other countries may be cheerful affairs, high-level visits to Israel are usually the opening round of a pressure campaign to force concessions to Islamic terrorists. Biden's 2010 visit marked the beginning of an intensified hate campaign against the Jewish state by the Obama administration. Biden's 2022 visit is likely to be more of the same....

May 17, 2022Beaten and Burned for Praising Jesus: A Nigerian Student's Tragic Death

On May 12, a young female student in Sokoto, Nigeria was beaten to death and burned to ashes for praising Jesus on a WhatsApp group chat site. Deborah's "crime?" She was accused of blasphemy against Islam and the Prophet Mohammad -- a crime that calls for a death sentence according to Sharia Law....

May 16, 2022Shortages Of Diesel Fuel And Electricity Are Coming In The Months Ahead

On top of everything else that is going wrong in the nation, shall we add a diesel fuel shortage and a nationwide electricity shortage to the equation? ...