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'Biden Bucks': The Dangers Of Digital Currency

Increased government control over the monetary system goes hand-in-glove with the social score concept famously wielded by the Chinese Community Party. Anything and everything that requires an exchange of currency can be monitored, and transactions can be denied for currently legal but politically incorrect purchases.

Searches For 'Real Estate Market Crash' Highest In Internet History

Analysis of Google Trends data reveals that searches for 'real estate market crash' exploded 284% in the United States as of September 2022 – the highest level in Google Trends history.

Military Schools Put Families On Front Lines Of Culture Wars

The new military education program aims to detach military brats from their families and their country, all in the name of making them better global citizens who support such causes as critical race theory and transgenderism.

Why The Left Cannot Successfully Reproduce Over The Generations

Any ideology that cannot successfully reproduce over the course of several generations is doomed to fail. Put another way, any ideology that must rely on indoctrination more than (biological) reproduction cannot succeed in the long term. What does this imply for the future of leftwing secularism?

The Economic Condition Of America Will Be Laid Bare This Thanksgiving

Thanks to soaring prices and resurgence of the bird flu, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner will be out of reach for millions of American families this year, and that is extremely unfortunate.

Other News

September 29, 2022American Evangelicals Increasingly Confused On Core Biblical Truths

The most stunning result had to do with the topic of Jesus Christ's divinity. When asked whether they agreed that "Jesus was a great teacher... but not God," 43% of American evangelicals answered yes. That number is up 13% from just two years ago.  ...

September 29, 2022Israel's 'Peace Partners' Promote Everything But Peace

Israel's "peace partners" are doing everything in their power to confirm the fears of Israelis about the presence of a Palestinian state just a handful of kilometers from their homes....

September 27, 2022Eat Or Heat? Europeans Already Facing Previously Unthinkable Dilemmas

In what has been dubbed the "eat or heat" crisis, we can expect to see the situation deteriorate even further in the coming months, a development that could have critical and far-reaching implications beyond economics....

September 27, 2022Will Europe Turn To New 'Club of Nations' To Help Get Through Next Crisis

The European Political Community is Emmanuel Macron's scheme to bring together EU nations and countries outside the bloc, potentially including the UK. Some prophecy experts speculate this may have a role in establishing the 10 kingdom alliance spoken of in the Book of Revelation....

September 27, 2022Poking God In The Eye - New Push To Divide Israel And Create Palestinian State

Could we actually see a Palestinian state be established within the next year or two? If this actually happens, it will have enormous implications for the entire globe....

September 27, 2022Demographic Update As Israel Enters New Jewish Year

Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics has published its final demographic figures for the Jewish year 5782....

September 24, 2022Economic Collapse Has Arrived In Germany. Will The U.S. Be Close Behind?

Germany was supposed to be the economic rock that the rest of Europe could always depend upon but now the Germans are dealing with the worst inflation crisis that they have seen since the days of the Weimar Republic and economic activity is starting to shut down all over the nation. ...