Recent News

Summer Megadrought Expected To Bring Dust Storms, Water Restrictions & Wildfires

Scientists tell us that another very dry summer is looming, and that is extremely bad news for the entire region. Dust Bowl conditions have returned, and it appears that they will be with us for a long time to come.

A Society Based On The Social Credit System Is Closer Than You Think

The social credit system took yet another step forward--this time, from Down Under. Under the guise of a welfare crackdown, Australia moved 25,000 people onto a cashless card system that restricts non-essential purchases.

USGS Hides Alarming Earthquake Trend to Avoid Public Panic - VIDEO

This award-winning prophecy film has finally proven the convergence of events that Jesus warned would occure in the last days is happening right now.

Mainstream Media Are Tools In Hamas's War Against Israel

Warning enemy targets in advance is a procedure that no other army in the world would dare undertake, as it gives additional time to the enemy to move and scatter. It is also a practice that is not featured prominently in mainstream-media coverage.

Is Biden At Odds With The Rest Of Democratic Party On Israel?

The Biden administration’s messaging of support for Israel appears to be out of step with some of the reactions emanating from others in the Democratic Party.

2,000 Year Old Translated Greek Scripture Reveals New Biblical Insight - VIDEO

After 20-years of research and development, a team has successfully retranslated the New Testament with the original lost Greek meaning!

Christian Chaplain Reported To Anti-Terrorism Program For LGBT Sermon

The Reverend Dr Bernard Randall was reported to the British government's anti-terrorism program for delivering a sermon in which he told pupils that it is acceptable to question and disagree with far-left LGBT ideology being taught at the school.

Other News

May 14, 2021Israel's Options On How To Confront Palestinian Terror Groups In Gaza Strip

Israel has been reluctantly dragged into three large armed conflicts with Hamas prior to the current escalation. With each truce, Gaza's terror factions and the IDF study the battles, draw lessons and build up their capabilities accordingly, for the next round....

May 14, 2021Former Israeli Ambassador To The US: Evangelical Support Key To Israel's Future

One of the keys to having a pro-Israel influence in the White House was the evangelical Christian community, even more than the Jewish community in the US. Dermer described the evangelical support for Israel as "passionate and unequivocal" whereas the US Jews were "disproportionately among our critics." ...

May 12, 2021China's Plan To Become The World's Leading Space Power Should Worry Us All

China's space capabilities have been defined as one of the most significant future threats to US national security. Chinese military doctrines also indicate that they view space as critical to modern warfare and a means of reducing U.S. military effectiveness and for winning future wars....

May 12, 2021Palestinians: Our True Goal Is To Destroy Israel

No one is disputing the Palestinians' right to protest Israeli policies. Yet when the protests turn into large pro-Hamas demonstrations, with calls for bombing Tel Aviv and killing Jews, they expose the true deadly intention of the protesters....

May 12, 2021New Battleground For Israel-Palestinian Conflict - Social Media Influencers

A new front was opened in the anti-Israel propaganda machine today as mainstream celebrity social media influencers caused outrage with their pro-Palestinian posts. Parents - do you know who are influencing your kids?...

May 12, 2021Leaving Loud - The Sad Backlash By Those Leaving The Church

Black Christians are not only being told to leave "predominantly white or multiethnic" churches if they've been dishonored, but to be vocal about it, inside and especially outside the church....

May 11, 2021All Eyes On Israel As Jerusalem Becomes A Cup Of Trembling

Israel's annual Jerusalem Day was overshadowed Monday by rocket sirens and explosions as Hamas claimed responsibility for striking the country's capital and targets across the south with more than 150 rockets....