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The Left Has Been Spreading Wild Conspiracy Theories About Trump Shooting

Ever since the moment that Donald Trump was shot during a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, the left has been pushing wild conspiracy theories all over the Internet. Unfortunately for the left, their conspiracy theories are so ridiculous that most rational people immediately see right through them.

Xi Jinping And China: Running Out Of Time, Ready To Strike

Xi is engaged in the fastest military buildup since the Second World War. In addition, he is purging military officers opposed to war, trying to sanction-proof his regime, stockpiling grain and other commodities, surveying the U.S. for nuclear weapons strikes, and mobilizing civilians for war.

The Anti-Christian Bigotry Of The Canadian Elites

The last remaining acceptable bigotry in Canada is anti-Christian bigotry. It is not news that Christian institutions generally adhere to a Biblical view of sexuality, for example, but Canada's state broadcaster and major newspapers treat us to an endless stream of breathless coverage reminding us of the fact.

For Many Palestinians, The 'Day After' Should Look Just Like The 'Day Before'

There is virtually no debate among the Palestinians about the "day after" in the Gaza Strip, even though some in Israel and the United States appear to be obsessed with the idea. This is due to the widespread Palestinian belief that Hamas will somehow maintain its hold on power in the Gaza Strip after the war.

Why Japan Selling Off US Dollars Is Major Threat To The US Economy

Japan is on the verge of a fire sale of hundreds of billions of dollars in U.S. debt that could crash Treasury markets already teetering on the edge.

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July 17, 2024Who Is J.D. Vance? Ohio Senator Tapped As Trump VP Candidate

Vance's supporters say he has never lost touch with the struggling region of Appalachia that formed him. "There are few leaders in America that understand the challenges our families and children are facing today like Senator J.D. Vance," Aaron Baer, president of the Ohio-based Center for Christian Virtue, told The Washington Stand....

July 17, 2024The Israel/Hamas War: The Strategic Balance So Far & What Comes Next

Ten months after Hamas launched its surprise attack on Israel, it is possible to evaluate the achievements of the two parties to date....

July 16, 202410 Burning Questions Every American Should Be Asking About The Trump Shooting

We really are moving into a time of unprecedented chaos, and what we have witnessed so far is just the beginning. It certainly isn't going to take much to push our nation over the edge. If Trump had not moved his head at the last moment, he almost certainly would have been killed....

July 16, 2024The Harris Scenario: What Would Happen If She Became The Democratic Nominee?

It's still uncertain whether Democrats will jettison Biden as their nominee. But, if they decide to trade him for Harris, what is more straightforward are the policies, performance, and leadership Harris brings to the table, based on her record as attorney general of California, then senator, and now vice president....

July 16, 2024China Looks To Take Advantage Of World Distraction With Aggressive Behavior

Does China sense weakness in the White House? In recent days Chinese troops have been sent to Belarus for military exercises, dozens of Chinese military aircraft have been threatening Taiwan, and four Chinese military vessels were even detected off the coast of Alaska. ...

July 16 2024Why Does Biden Keep Lying About Palestinian Support For Hamas?

Biden's bizarre statement that Palestinians don't support Hamas goes against every public opinion survey released in the past few months, shows that either he is knowingly trying to deceive the American public about the genuine feelings of the Palestinians, or he is merely clueless. The first possibility appears to be more likely....

July 11, 2024Apathy And The End Times: The Church's Wake-Up Call

Generation after generation has said He's coming. Yet, since the beginning of the world, everything has remained the same!" (2 Peter 3:3‐4). You've probably heard variations of this complaint yourself. Maybe you've heard it in church. But is it true? No. It's not. Nothing could further from the truth....