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Russia-China Alliance Prepares To Take On America

China and Russia have deepened their cooperation in recent years in large part thanks to the US decoupling itself from many regions as it focuses on domestic issues. We are experiencing a new cold war which has already begun and is about to go global.

Churches That Have Abandoned Scripture Are On Road To Collapse

The overall picture is dire for the Episcopal Church -- at the current rate of decline the church will be empty by 2050. There is one overriding reason for this massive loss: People don't want to belong to a denomination that is Christian in name only.

Food Banks Across America Report Record Demand And Record Shortages

Food pantries and food banks are a key economic indicator for tracking poverty levels and financial instability in the US, and in the past few months they have been ringing alarm bells.

'Operation Breaking Dawn' Proved A Blowout For Israel

A confluence of circumstances led the latest round of fighting to conclude as the most successful operation Israel has ever waged in Gaza. Palestinian Islamic Jihad suffered an unprecedentedly severe blow, while Israel emerged largely unscathed.

Disturbing Symbolism As Commonwealth Games Recreate Worship Of Baal

During the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England a giant mechanical bull with glowing red eyes was rolled out into the center of Alexander Stadium. The bull was approximately 10 meters high, dwarfing all of the human participants that were involved in the performance.

Other News

August 06, 2022Israel Leading The Way To Cashless Digital Surveillance State

Israel has just banned using cash for purchases larger than $1,700 and instead requires residents to use digital transfers or debit transactions. The intended effect of the new law is to reduce the amount of physical cash on the market....

August 06, 2022With All Eyes On China, The North Korean Threat Continues To Grow

In January 2022 alone, North Korea launched a record 11 missiles, including two hypersonic missiles and the first firing since 2017 of a Hwasong-12 mobile intermediate-range ballistic missile which is within reach of US territory with its estimated range of 4,500 kilometers....

August 04, 2022Here Come The Layoffs - Big Companies Preparing For Recession With Job Cuts

When the economy slows down, layoffs inevitably happen. We witnessed this on a very large scale in 2008 and 2009, and now it is happening again. U.S. economic numbers are rapidly getting worse, and companies all across America don't want to get caught with bloated payrolls as we plunge into a recession. ...

August 04, 2022The Parable Of The Cancer Pill & The Modern Church

The contemporary gospel presents Jesus as something who adds good things to you but requires nothing of you. 'The Parable Of The Cancer Pill That No Longer Cured Cancer' will help us to better understand why the modern gospel has become defective and no longer saves people....

August 04, 2022Veteran Arrested For "Causing Anxiety" To Trans Activists With Social Media Post

That's a middle-aged man, being arrested by police, for criticizing the trans movement on Twitter-and not a peep from the media so far until this short article from The Spectator yesterday....

August 04, 2022Ezekiel's Dry Bones Live - Israel Becomes The Center Of Jewish Life

It is predicted that by the year 2048, the 100th anniversary of the State of Israel, two thirds of the world's Jewish population, about 12 million, will live in Israel....

August 03, 2022Just A Taste Of What Will Happen To Our Economy If We Go To War With China

Here in the United States, we are being told to disregard such "propaganda" and the "empty threats" that the Chinese are supposedly making. But are they really "empty threats"? What if they aren't? What if the Chinese really mean what they say?...