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Influence Of Media On Our Morals: The Majority Does Not Determine Morality

It's always nice to be able to point to the polls when they support your position. But polling does nothing more than tell you what other people think. And just because you have the majority on your side doesn't mean you are right. In fact, when it comes to morality, the majority is often at odds with the Bible.

Chief Threat To India's Hindu Only Nation: Christianity

Under the current government of Prime Minister Modi, hostility against Christians has been rising, to the point that India is now ranked #10 on Open Doors' list of the most dangerous countries for Christians. This is the first time India has made the top ten.

USGS Hides Alarming Earthquake Trend to Avoid Public Panic - VIDEO

This award-winning prophecy film has finally proven the convergence of events that Jesus warned would occure in the last days is happening right now.

Don't Let Bernie Sanders Get Away With Redefining 'Pro-Israel'

The real issue facing American Jews heading into the 2020 campaign isn't about settlements or a two-state solution. Instead, it's whether the vast majority of American Jews who identify as liberals and Democrats are willing to draw a line in the sand and utterly reject people like Sarsour, Omar, and Tlaib.

New Report Reveals A Quarter of Israelis Are Poor - You Can Help

Over the past 12 months, Israel has seen an increase in nutritional insecurity and hunger, according to a report published Monday by Latet, Israel's largest nonprofit organization. Here is a way you can help. Sign the Petition to stop hunger in the Holy Land.

2,000 Year Old Translated Greek Scripture Reveals New Biblical Insight - VIDEO

After 20-years of research and development, a team has successfully retranslated the New Testament with the original lost Greek meaning!

Culture Wars: The Left Declares War On The Salvation Army

All the good The Salvation Army does means nothing to the left. The left judges people or institutions not by their behavior but by their beliefs. To the left, that belief outweighs helping 25 million people including married gays.

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December 09, 2019Army Tags Scripture As Offensive

20 years and five million dog tags later, bitter secularists over at the Military Freedom from Religion Foundation are fighting to remove any religious reference from military dog tags....

December 09, 2019Israel: Preserving The Peace With Jordan

The Egyptians and Jordanians haven't embraced Israel as a neighbor and friend. Rather, Israel's peace treaties are the products of its deterrent power. "As long as we are stronger--they are with us. If we become weaker, then the peace agreements will hang by a thread."...

December 06, 2019The Dangerous Progressive Christianity Message Of Mayor Pete

Pete Buttigieg may be a more dangerous candidate than most Christians realize. It was clear from the beginning that Buttigieg was going to use a progressive imitation of Christianity in order to attack his political opponents. In interview after interview, he has targeted Vice President Mike Pence as a Christian undeserving of the title. ...

December 06, 2019School Boards Are Steamrolling Over Parents To Implement The LGTB Agenda

The ongoing brawls between school boards attempting to implement the LGBTQ agenda and the parents who are pushing back is becoming a weekly occurence in the news. The frustration and in many cases desperation felt by parents who simply want their children to get an ordinary education is palpable....

December 06, 2019NATO - Why Is Turkey On The Inside And Israel On The Outside?

NATO's Cold War origins and its Eurocentric focus have blinded the alliance to the fact that a full-fledged member of the alliance--namely, Turkey--has mixed sympathies with respect to the fight against terrorism, and that it continues to exclude from its membership the State of Israel, one of the world's key players in that battle....

December 06, 2019Pro-Israel Democratic Group Slams Bernie Sanders

A top pro-Israel Democratic group has called out presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for failing to disassociate himself from prominent supporter Linda Sarsour following her latest antisemitic outburst....

December 05, 201947 Percent Of GDP - The Scariest Corporate Debt Bubble In U.S. History

Thanks to exceedingly low interest rates, over the last decade U.S. corporations have been able to go on the greatest corporate debt binge in history. We are now facing a corporate debt bomb that is far, far greater than what we faced in 2008....

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