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The Messenger (Book)

The Messenger: It's Headed Toward Earth! It Cannot Be Stopped! And It's Carrying the Secret of America's, the World's, and Your Tomorrow!


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What do the Jewish Feasts, prophetic Seals and Bowls from the book of Revelation, and an Earth-bound asteroid have in common? This is the question on the lips of every individual who sees the potential correlation between the impending coming of Christ and the imminent approach of the asteroid Apophis.

Since the dawn of time, God has had a plan for all humanity's salvation, and through His time here on Earth, Jesus fulfilled his portion of that plan by purchasing our Redemption. He confirmed this through His revolutionizing of Old Testament tradition. 

He spelled it out, hidden in plain sight, for those who observed the Jewish Feasts. He left a promise upon His departure, that He would be back to complete and confirm the final phases of His plan through the final prophetic Jewish Feasts.

Now something cataclysmic this way comes ...

When Jesus spoke of His return, He warned that the coming of the age would be filled with war, pestilence, famine, and even catastrophic cosmic events which would permanently damage the Earth as we know it. 

We are warned in Revelation about the personified star, Wormwood, which would collide with our planet, bringing poison to our waters and death to one-third of humanity. 

With such looming threats above as the asteroid Apophis and other Near-Earth Objects, could we be approaching the era in which these prophecies are finally about to be realized? 

More important, does a hidden message connected Apophis point to an imminent, mysterious end-times countdown?

  • Why asteroids were seen by the ancients as the Messengers of God
  • The mysterious connection between Apophis and biblical prophecy
  • How Apophis is connected with demonic entities prophesied to make war with God
  • How forthcoming cosmic events could usher in the Great Tribulation period
  • What the Jewish Feasts decreed in the Old Testament have to do with the timing of the Rapture and end-times events
  • The correlation between ancient Jewish teaching, Founding Church Fathers, and Biblical Chronology which place the end of the world in the immediate future
  • How Jesus revealed Himself to mankind through the Feasts, and How He will complete this work at His return
  • Why it is vital that the Church resume the teaching of prophetic subject matter in a day that the truth is sparse and the lost are seeking for it
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 327

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