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Pop Stars Deceiving Millions Of Girls Into Celebrating Abortion

The abortion industry has a not-so-secret weapon: Pop stars who are worshipped by millions of young girls across the continent and hang onto their every word. For many girls, these stars are their role models--and those role models are making it very clear that killing pre-born children in the womb is something to celebrate.

Some Good News On The Front Lines Of The Culture Wars

The culture wars will continue to rage, and there will be many setbacks along the way. But that doesn't mean there won't be some real victories as well. Let's focus on some positive, recent news.

USGS Hides Alarming Earthquake Trend to Avoid Public Panic - VIDEO

This award-winning prophecy film has finally proven the convergence of events that Jesus warned would occure in the last days is happening right now.

Could Benny Gantz Make The Left Love Israel Again?

Israel's critics may pretend that Netanyahu is the primary obstacle to peace as opposed to the Palestinians, but it won't take long for them to be hurling the same sort of accusations at Gantz if he gets the top job.

The Political Downfall Of Israel's Right-Wing

Unless Netanyahu can find defectors from across the aisle--or convince Lieberman and his now-eight seats to return to the camp--not only is Netanyahu's rule in jeopardy, but so are the years of right-wing governments.

2,000 Year Old Translated Greek Scripture Reveals New Biblical Insight - VIDEO

After 20-years of research and development, a team has successfully retranslated the New Testament with the original lost Greek meaning!

Turkey Seeks To Go Nuclear - Another Trigger For Ezekiel 38?

The military forces of the three most powerful members of the Magog alliance – Russia, Iran, and Turkey – are now cooperating in Syria, near Israel's Northern border. The Turkish President hosted the leaders of Russia and Iran in Ankara after recently declaring his nation should have the right to acquire nuclear weapons.

Other News

September 19, 2019Saving Pastors Lives: A Call To Help Those Struggling With Ideas Of Suicide

Tragically, last week we learned that Jarrid Wilson, associate pastor of one of the largest churches in the country, Harvest Fellowship in Riverside, California, had committed suicide. He was a husband and father of two. He was only 30 years old....

September 19, 2019Smart TVs Caught Sending Sensitive User Data To Facebook & Netflix

A study by researchers has discovered many popular smart TV models, including models by Samsung and LG, as well as streaming dongles Roku and Amazon FireTV, are leaking sensitive user data to advertisers....

September 17, 2019Dangerous Implications Of US-Israel Mutual Defense Pact

The strength of US-Israeli ties has always rested on their informal nature as the two countries are drawn together by common values, outlook and strategic interests. Does Israel really want an agreement that will formally tie it's hands without a US buy-in?...

September 17, 2019Is Bible Prophecy A Distraction To Real Ministry?

More than a few times, I've heard the argument from fellow believers that a focus on Bible Prophecy is a distraction when there are so many basic-real life needs....

September 17, 2019The Election That Decided The Future Of The Middle East Conflict

All the talk about Israel's latest election deciding the future of the peace process isn't just wrong, but ignores the fact that this question was actually determined in an election held 14 years ago....

September 17, 2019LGBT Activists Try To Claim Genderless Penguin To Push Agenda

Zookeepers have decided to attract attention for their penguin program by using woke language and marshalling their animals into battle for the LGBT crowd--who, incidentally, are delighted....

September 16, 2019Drone Warfare/Terrorism Only Just Beginning

The vulnerability of infrastructure to drone terrorism was just laid bare this week as ten drones launched by Iran-backed militants sparked a huge fire at the world's largest oil processing facility in Saudi Arabia resulting in a 50% cut to oil production....

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