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Why The Stage Is Set For The End Times October 27, 2021

In the past year, the geopolitical and economic stage has been set for the fulfillment of several end times prophecies. We now have several potential crises on the horizon. And those potential crises are the same ones the Bible says we'll experience either in the Tribulation or the days immediately preceding the Tribulation.

Parents Teaching Or Government Indoctrination - You Choose October 27, 2021

Many on the Left no longer believe that a child's primary instructor in life is their parents and that local control of schools is a central tenet of the American way of life. Instead, they believe it is the responsibility of the federal government to impose a certain way of thinking and what curriculum children are taught.

In Biden's Woke World, No Admiral Qualities October 27, 2021

Joe Biden might not have a plan for the border, inflation, COVID, China, or the supply chain crisis, but don't worry! He has one thing under control. The president is talking about the one thing he hasn't shut up about since day one -- gender equality.

Israel's Post-American Strategic Challenge October 27, 2021

Israel's security establishment needs to wake up from its American delusion. America does not have Israel's back and recent actions prove it.

Perfect Winter Storm - Simultaneous Shortage Of Oil, Natural Gas, Propane & Coal October 25, 2021

We are already in the midst of an epic global energy crisis. There have already been significant power outages all over the planet, and prices are spiking at a pace that is absolutely breathtaking. But the worse may be yet to come.

Warning - Port Congestion Could Be Worse Than 'Lehman Crash' October 25, 2021

The ports shutting down is worse than Lehman Brothers failing. Both can lead to catastrophic failures of all counterparties depending on them. But with Lehman, the government could just print tons of money to flood the banks with liquidity - this time they can't print their way out of this one.

LGBT Civil War As Leftists Go After Feminist Heretics In Their Ranks October 25, 2021

As trans activists accrue cultural power and consolidate their territorial gains, their movement has begun the process of doing what all revolutionaries inevitably do: hunt down and punish dissenters. They aren't being subtle about it, either.

Inviting God's Judgement - US Looking Deny Israel Sovereignty Over Jerusalem October 25, 2021

Former Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has warned that the Biden administration's plan to unilaterally open a Palestinian consulate in the heart of Jerusalem will destabilize the Middle East, damage Israel's security and give a prize to radical Islam by dividing the Jewish capital.

Food Hoarding Intensifies As Fears Of More Price Spikes Coming Soon October 22, 2021

When people hear that something is going to be scarce, it is only human nature to be motivated to stock up while you still can. There are accusations that some people are "hoarding", but the truth is that we haven't seen anything yet.

A Spirit Of Lawlessness Has Spread Across The Country October 22, 2021

From the very top to the very bottom, we are rapidly becoming a completely lawless nation. A new law that was recently passed prohibits police in Portland from using normal crowd control techniques, and so they must stand down and allow rioters to do whatever they want.

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