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Asleep At The Wheel? Fewer Pastors Concerned About Religious Liberty May 23, 2019

According to a recent Barna survey, "a plurality of the general population believes freedom of religion in the U.S. is worse than it was 10 years ago." In contrast, "the proportion of Protestant pastors who fear religious liberties may be further restricted in the future has actually dropped." Dropped? Seriously?

Poll: Half Of American Adults Expect War With Iran Within Next Few Years  May 23, 2019

While Americans are more concerned about Iran as a security threat to the United States now than they were last year, few would be in favor of a pre-emptive attack on the Iranian military. But if Iran attacked US military forces first, four out of five believed the United States should respond militarily.

On The Edge Of Disaster: Majority Of Americans Living Paycheck To Paycheck May 22, 2019

When the next recession strikes, millions of Americans that suddenly lose their jobs could find themselves facing financial disaster almost immediately after a new poll shows 59 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

Iran's Proxy War Is The Real Problem May 22, 2019

While a full-scale war with Iran does not appear likely in the near future, low-intensity conflict against the West and its allies already is being waged by Iran's proxies all over the world.

What Progressives Actually Mean By "Tolerance" May 22, 2019

Progressives conflate behaviors with people, and then demand that we stop condemning certain behaviors because that is hateful to the people practicing those behaviors. See what they did there?

'Born This Way' - The Zombie Arguments that Just Won't Die May 22, 2019

The LGB movement has largely retired the "born this way" argument to make way for the "T"--transgender identity. So in place of "I was born this way and I can't change," we now hear "I was born this way, it was wrong, and I want to change."

Academic Battles: Statement Of Faith vs. Statement Of Diversity May 21, 2019

Despite leftist academia condemning Christian schools and organizations for their statements of faith, they see no irony in enforcing statements of diversity among their students and faculty.

Transgender Identity May Have Cost A Baby Its Life May 21, 2019

When it comes to checking into a hospital, how you identify does not matter. What matters is your biology and trying to fight this reality can be deadly.

Superbugs Are Killing Antibiotics: One Disease Away From Disaster May 21, 2019

"We're looking to the shelf for the next antibiotic, and there's nothing there," says Erica Shenoy, associate chief of the infection control unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. "We're facing the specter of patients with infections we can't treat."

Why Economic Prosperity Will Not Lure The Palestinians Into Peace Accord May 21, 2019

The upcoming peace plan suggests giving the Palestinians billions of dollars as a means to peace, but history has shown the Palestinians are less invested in gaining economic stability than they are in hating Israel.

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