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Open Borders Setting Up America's Own Surprise Attack? October 11, 2023

The U.S. Border Patrol has encountered 72,823 "special interest aliens" on America's borders over the past two years--many from the Middle East. A special interest alien is a government term used to refer to an illegal alien from a nation that either promotes terrorist activity, harbors terrorists, or poses a possible security threat to the U.S.

All Eyes On Israel's Neighbors As Israel Prepares To Invade Gaza October 11, 2023

"Escalation" will be a word that is used a lot in the coming days. Once Israel sends troops into Gaza, it is going to trigger a series of events that nobody is going to be able to control. But there is no turning back now.

The Shocking Support Of Hamas From US Academia October 11, 2023

A national pro-Palestine student organization is calling for a "day of resistance" on college campuses Thursday in support of brutal terrorist attacks on Israel, emphasizing that they are not only in solidarity with Palestine, they are "PART of this movement."

Obama and Biden's Anti-American Policies Laid Foundation For Hamas Attack October 11, 2023

Experts say Hamas could never have gained the strength and support it has without the last 14 years of Democratic presidential leadership, which has transferred billions of dollars to terrorist funders, advanced Islamists' interests in the Middle East, and harmed U.S. interests out of radical anti-American ideology.

Palestinians' War On Israel And US Senators' Delusional 'Two-State Solution' October 11, 2023

Less than 48 hours after 20 US Democratic Senators urged President Joe Biden to push for the establishment of a Palestinian state as part of a normalization agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Iran's Palestinian terror proxies launched a massive attack on Israel.

Hamas Becomes ISIS As They Behead Captives And Threaten Online Executions  October 10, 2023

Even though they knew that the whole world would be watching, they mercilessly killed and abused women, children and the elderly. And now footage has been released of them beheading captives. From this point forward, Hamas will be considered the moral equivalent of ISIS, and that is because they have behaved just like ISIS did.

Will Biden Stand With Israel In The War’s Next Phase? October 10, 2023

What will Biden say and do once an invasion of Gaza begins and Palestinian casualties begin to mount and the intersectional left wing of his party begins to talk about disproportionate force and the need for Israeli restraint? Will Biden's support still be "unwavering and rock-solid?"

Iran's Role in Hamas' Attack On Israel October 10, 2023

Iran is still the world's leading sponsor of terrorism. Nevertheless, in September, the Biden administration paid $6 billion to Iran as ransom for American hostages. All this money has been, and will be, used to finance terrorist attacks by Iran's proxies against Israel.

Israel's Choices In Gaza All Lead To The Destruction Of The Hamas Regime October 10, 2023

The Jewish state has no option but to topple the Hamas regime and destroy its terror army. Any action short of this would undermine Israel's strategic standing in the Middle East and form a green light for Hezbollah, Iran and other adversaries to attack as well.

Israeli Death Toll Proportional To More Than 31,000 Americans October 10, 2023

With a population of about 9.73 million, Israel is about one-34th the size of the United States, which has about 335.55 million people. That means that the reported death toll of more than 900 Israelis from Hamas terrorist attacks is proportional to about 31,000 Americans.

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