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Christian Zionists Deeply Concerned Trump Ultimate Deal Will Split Jerusalem December 27, 2018

Leaked details of the Trump administration's "ultimate deal" to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict could divide the Christian right.

Now They're Euthanizing Asperger's Patients: The Threat of Assisted Suicide December 27, 2018

Another week... another example of how physician-assisted suicide targets the vulnerable. This time: Asperger's patients.

China Now Tracking Children With "Smart" Tech Uniforms  December 27, 2018

If there is any country on Earth that is most emblematic of the rising governance model that is Technocracy, it is China.

Chrislam Invades Christmas - Mixing Muslim & Christian Stories Of Jesus Birth December 24, 2018

The mantra that "we all worship the same god" has been taken a step further by First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple by hosting a new play called "Christmas Mubarak," mixing Christian and Muslim stories of Jesus' birth.

It Go Boom: Sodom, Pontius Pilate, & Archaeology December 24, 2018

Biblical faith is grounded in historical events, events to which the Bible testifies. This is one of the factors that sets the Bible apart from other religious texts. Recently, two announcements made illustrate the truthfulness of Scripture, one in a spectacular way and the other more quietly.

Amazon's Creepy Facial Recognition Doorbell Will Surveil The Entire Neighborhood December 24, 2018

At first glance of Amazon's new patent application, one would be tempted to think it no more than a built-in "smart" security system. But no, this facial recognition surveillance doorbell does a lot more than record would-be thieves.

Are We Really "Shocked" Over Gene Editing? Should Have Seen This Coming December 24, 2018

The inventors of CRISPR are alarmed that the gene-editing technology is being used to . . . edit genes? Really?

China, Russia Advance Hypersonic Missile Programs That Can Beat US Defenses December 21, 2018

Russia and China are bolstering their arsenals with hypersonic weapons at a breakneck pace and the US is playing catch-up.

How to Make Sense Of The U.S. Withdrawal From Syria December 21, 2018

On a good day, Syria is one of the most complex issues in the Middle East, let alone when the Trump administration announces a rapid U.S. withdrawal from Syria of our troops. What impact will this have on the region, US allies and the US itself?

Israel On Alert: Trump Decision Will Widen Iranian Corridor To Syria December 21, 2018

The Islamic Republic is working hard to create a network of areas under its control, filled with armed organizations, weapons factories and missile base so that it can later use them to attack Israel.

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