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Sin or Sickness?: We Need Deliverance, Not Just Diagnosis September 10, 2018

The push to reclassify pornography as a disease is what happens when we reduce all problems to physical causes. Materialist medicine alone, however, is incapable of breaking the power of sin over our lives.

Regional Players Maneuver To New Israeli-Palestinian Landscape September 10, 2018

A Hamas-Israel ceasefire is likely to be but the first steps in a strategy to engineer the emergence of a Palestinian leadership more amenable to negotiating an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

End Of The Syrian War Presents New Risks For Israel September 10, 2018

Assad's emerging victory doesn't herald the end of the conflict. A new conflict will now begin, between Russia and Iran, over the spoils of the war, and who will keep Syria in its economic and political sphere of influence.

Red Heifer Candidate For Rebuilt Temple Born September 06, 2018

Last Tuesday, the Temple Institute's Red Heifer program was blessed with results; an entirely red female calf was born, paving the way for re-establishing the Temple service

What Happened To My Church? September 06, 2018

Someone made a conscious decision that we should have a "new way of doing church", although many members and attendees agreed there was nothing wrong with old ways of doing church.

25 Years Of Illusions About Oslo September 06, 2018

Most Israelis understand they were duped. Why does the foreign-policy establishment still resist learning from history?

Israel's Dry Bones Live - Israel's Population Continues To Grow September 06, 2018

Since last Rosh Hashanah, Israel’s population has grown by 162,000 people, to 8.907 million citizens, according to data published by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Ultimate Rebellion: Satanism Is Experiencing Explosive Growth In America September 04, 2018

As attendance declines at Christian churches all over America, many Satanic groups are experiencing tremendous growth.

Pro-Gay Church Plans To Open Brewery & Donate Profits To Planned Parenthood September 04, 2018

Unfortunately this church is not internet satire – it is all too real.

Is China's One Child Policy Finally Coming To An End? September 04, 2018

China's One Child Policy has brought nothing but pain, misery, death, and national decline.

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