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Court Ruling: Opposing Child's Transgenderism Is Committing  March 07, 2019

Not only has the court denied the father his right to stop his child from receiving a controversial medical treatment, it has declared that it would be considered abuse if the father tries to discuss the matter with his child with anything less than an affirming attitude.

Amazon Crosses A Very Dangerous Censorship Line March 07, 2019

Why ban a book critiquing Islam when a host of other books harshly attacking other religious faiths are available on Amazon? Why ban this book and not other books that critique Islam? Why draw the line here and who is next?

Palestinians: Marching Backwards As Israel Prepares For Elections March 07, 2019

On April 9, Israelis will again celebrate democracy by voting in a free and democratic election. The Palestinians, meanwhile, will mark another year of dictatorship and failed leadership, and will continue to dream about heading to any ballot box at all.

Israel Ranks 8th-Most Powerful Nation In The World March 07, 2019

For the third year in a row, the US News & World Report annual international survey has found Israel to be the eighth most powerful country on the planet.

Investors Brace For Impact: Will Wall Street Catch Up With Economic Reality? March 05, 2019

Economic cancer is rapidly spreading throughout our country, and the U.S. economy is deteriorating at the fastest pace that we have seen since the last recession. So how long will it be before Wall Street catches up with economic reality?

The Real Reason Why Globalists Are So Obsessed With Artificial Intelligence March 05, 2019

The globalists have long held AI as a kind of holy grail in centralization technology. That includes the ability to streamline mass surveillance and automate it.

The Lull In Terrorism Masks A Deepening Jihadist Threat March 05, 2019

Europeans who fought with ISIS and who now are trying to come home, bring their ideology and training with them setting the stage for 'the calm before the storm'.

Retirement Reformation: How Should Christians View Retirement? March 05, 2019

There are some 50 million Americans of retirement age and that number is set to grow. Better health means many people face 20 or more years of potentially active life after they quit working, with many expressing more interest in spiritual issues as they age.

Will America Learn From The Collapse Of The Roman Empire? March 01, 2019

Every great civilization throughout human history has eventually collapsed, and if we want to have any hope of escaping the same fate, we need to be willing to learn some lessons from the past. Many of the same factors that caused the collapse of previous civilizations are weighing very heavily on the United States of America today.

Is Jared Kushner Right? Can Middle East Peace Be Bought? March 01, 2019

The senior adviser to president Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, is on fundraising tour this week, but it's not to raise money for his father-in-law's reelection bid. He's visiting the Middle East, with a special emphasis on wealthy Arab states, where he is soliciting investments that he hopes will be the seed money for a new era of peace.

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