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The Bible Is True - For Better And Worse, In Good Times And Bad December 21, 2018

The Jerusalem Post recently published a report stating that staggering numbers of Israelis, including children, live below the poverty line.

Progressive Christianity Welcomes The Atheist Pastor December 20, 2018

Certain beliefs ought to disqualify a person for certain jobs. For example, a vegetarian probably shouldn't be the lead chef at a steakhouse. And an atheist shouldn't be a pastor. At least, that's what you would think.

Facial Recognition Software Being Used To Create Police/Corporate Watchlists December 20, 2018

To everyone who thinks secret watchlists are nothing more than a conspiracy theory, I give you law enforcement's secret public safety watchlists.

Twisted Logic: Abbas Condemns Israel For Cracking Down On Terrorists December 20, 2018

According to the logic of Abbas's ministry, Israeli soldiers searching for terrorists is an "act of terrorism," but not the shooting of a pregnant woman and six other Israeli civilians standing at a bus stop.

Lebanon At The Crossroads: Israel & Hezbollah Prepare For Next Conflict December 20, 2018

Hezbollah's plans to to take Israel by surprise by using tunnels to invade the Upper Galilee would have led to a major military confrontation with Israel.

Islamic Beast? Turkey Wants Global Islamic Union Governed By Sharia December 19, 2018

Turkey appears to be accelerating its endeavor to establish an Ottoman-style Islamic government encompassing Muslim nations across the world with Sharia law as it's foundation.

Crumbling Church Of England Offers Baptism-Style Services For Transgenders December 19, 2018

Attendance at the Church of England continues to plunge to new lows as those who hold true to the scriptures have no choice but to abandon a church that is collapsing in on themselves and so hollowed out from the inside that it is barely recognizable to what it once was.

Trump's Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan Recognizes New Middle East Realities December 19, 2018

The Israeli-Palestinian peace plan set to be unveiled by the Trump administration will "be different from all previous ones," US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said in remarks delivered at her final appearance at the Security Council's monthly meeting on the Middle East.

Culture Of Despair: Why Americans Are Dying Younger & Younger December 19, 2018

For the third year in a row, American life expectancy dropped.The last time this happened was a century ago, in the years 1915-1918, years marked by our entry into World War I and the outbreak of the "Spanish Flu" pandemic, which killed 675,000 Americans.

Are Globalists Setting The Stage For A Global Economic Reset? December 18, 2018

This reset is essentially a major crisis event which will be exploited by globalists to centralize the system even further, into a one world currency and one world economy.

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