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ISRAEL AT WAR: Everything We Know So Far October 08, 2023

Latest video update from our friends on the ground in Israel.

The Day Israel Changed Forever - What Happens Next? October 08, 2023

While the mainstream news is analyzing the geopolitical realties on the ground we also plan to bring you a prophetic perspective on what is happening. How do such events tie in with God's Word about Israel and the End Times? How will the involvement of other nations such as Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Russia, the United States as well as the United Nations impact the prophetic picture?

Is America Nearing Fall of Rome Status? October 07, 2023

America's financial mismanagement has gotten so bad that some say our country's decline is now inevitable, drawing parallels to the Roman Empire's collapse.

Military Recruitment Shortfall Due To 'Woke Agenda,' Say Experts October 07, 2023

For the second straight year, the Army announced that it has fallen well short of its recruiting goals. The shortfall this year reached 10,000 troops, which follows a 2022 shortfall of 15,000.

What Could Go Wrong When Governments Take Control of Food?  October 07, 2023

In another episode of "Have We Learned Nothing from History?" two governments have recently decided to take the high prices of food into their own hands.

WHO Agenda To Track And Trace Everyone To Advance In 2024 October 07, 2023

The World Health Organization continues to advance the cause of the the Global Digital Health Certification Network, where they want to track and trace everybody worldwide.

US Debt Spiral Is Reaching Terminal Phase - Economic Reset Is The Only Way Out October 05, 2023

At the beginning of June, our national debt was sitting at $31,467,639,287,894.39. Today, it has risen to $33,442,148,619,617.43. That means that we have added almost two trillion dollars to the national debt in just three months. It is the largest single debt in the entire history of our planet, and it will never be paid off.

AI Is Slowly Invading Every Part Of Our Lives - Including Church October 05, 2023

Artificial intelligence is changing our world at a pace that is absolutely breathtaking. AI can already perform most simple tasks much better and much faster than human workers can, and multiple studies have concluded that millions of jobs are at risk of being lost.

Prophetic Partners - The Russian/Turkey Alliance Deepens October 05, 2023

More than 2,600 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel warned of a future time when a vast coalition of nations will attack Israel. Two of those key nations are Russia and Turkey who continue to expand their partnership.

If Iran Goes Nuclear So Will Saudi Arabia And Turkey October 05, 2023

Netanyahu knows that Arab and Muslim leaders in the Middle East come and go. Just like Iran was once an Israeli ally, the Saudis can easily shift back to their age-old anti-Israel stance in a heartbeat.

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