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If You Think Inflation Is Bad Now, Just Wait Until 2022 November 25, 2021

If you think that inflation is bad now, just wait until we get into early next year. Some of the biggest corporations in the entire country have just announced major price increases which will take effect during the first few months of 2022 and it is unlikely to stop there.

Renewing Our Minds - Dramatic Rise Of Gen Z Indoctrination Into LGBT November 27, 2021

A new survey released by Arizona Christian University reports that about 39 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds claim the LGBT label.

The Massive Difference Between Dr. Martin Luther King And BLM November 27, 2021

The difference between Dr. Martin Luther King and the BLM movement is the difference between light and darkness, between love and hate. It is a difference that needs to be emphasized for the sake of the dignity of all black lives, every one of which matters to God and every one of which should matter to us.

Is The US Missing The Bigger Picture On Iran? November 27, 2021

The coming months are crucial to Israel's national security because the decision that the United States makes with regard to Iran will shape our strategic environment for years to come. And whoever looks at the implications of U.S. policy from the nuclear aspect alone is missing the point.

Endless Looting, Rioting & Civil Unrest Preparing Way For Antichrist? November 23, 2021

Many Bible prophecy scholars speculate that worldwide anarchy could open the door to civilization crying out for someone to save us from ourselves. Instead of looking to God, society will turn to yet another politician who will offer promises of peace and solutions to the world's problems but instead it will begin one of the most terrible times in all of world history.

Australian Army Transferring COVID-Positive Cases & Contacts To Quarantine Camps November 23, 2021

The Australian army has begun forcibly removing residents in the Northern Territories to the Howard Springs quarantine camp located in Darwin, after nine new Covid-19 cases were identified in the community of Binjari.

China's New Hypersonic Weapon Is Even More Shocking Than Previously Thought November 23, 2021

China tested an unprecedented ability of its new hypersonic weapon; firing a separate missile while traveling at Mach 5. Last month, the Pentagon admitted the test had caught them unawares. But a new report reveals even more shocking details of China's hypersonic capabilities that US military experts can't even begin to understand.

New Poll Shows Americans Fed Up With LGBT Extremism November 23, 2021

Most people didn't need the polling to confirm what the parents' uprising was already telling us: Americans are fed up with the Left's onslaught of LGBT extremism.

The Collapsing Global Supply Chain & Bible Prophecy November 20, 2021

The problems involving bottlenecks in US ports are a symptom of a much larger systemic breakdown - a breakdown that threatens to collapse the entire global economic system and bring about a new world order.

Mandating Women Into War? November 20, 2021

Currently females comprise 17 percent of our current fighting force -- voluntarily -- and will continue to serve admirably. Women are valuable, precious, appreciated, and -- most importantly -- already equal. Claiming the inclusion of women in the draft would prove "equality" is ridiculous."

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