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Iran Sees A New Opportunity To Build A War Machine To Encircle Israel January 02, 2019

Iran has already turned Lebanon into a forward military post against Israel. Its goal now is to do the same in Syria.

Venezuelans Prepare For Chinese Big Brother Biometric ID/Social Credit System January 02, 2019

The Venezuelan government continues to tighten its grip on people's data and communications and has now partnered with Chinese company ZTE to develop a national biometric identification similar to China's social credit system.

What If The Six-Day War Never Took Place? January 02, 2019

If the 1967 Six-Day War had never taken place and the "West Bank" had remained under the rule of the Hashemite Kingdom, where would "Palestine" be? The inevitable answer would be: Wherever the Jews are ...

Alarming Facts About America In 2018 January 01, 2019

Over the past 12 months we witnessed great political shaking, Wall Street experienced the worst downturn that we have seen since 2008, the crust of our planet was rattled by an increasing number of major seismic events, social decay spread like wildfire, and America continued to become even more divided as a nation.

Sudden Destruction: Ignoring The Signs Of The Times January 01, 2019

A rock band is performing in Indonesia to the delight of the audience when suddenly, without warning, a massive wave sweeps them off the stage to their deaths. There are screams of terror, then there is blackness. This is what sudden destruction looks like. Yet the Bible says it will come one day to the whole earth.

Top Israel News Coverage Fails Of 2018 January 01, 2019

We embark on a trip down memory lane of the most egregious media misdeeds, which both exaggerate Israel's ostensible belligerence and, even more commonly, diminish her opponents' aggressions.

Too Big To Fail? How UNRWA Fails The Palestinians - And The World January 01, 2019

By changing the definition of a Palestinian refugee, the UNRWA has ensured that the Palestinian refugee issue can never be solved.

The Top 5 Prophetic Trends of 2018 December 31, 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, what are the biggest prophetic trends we see and what should we look for in 2019?

Will Israeli-Iranian Shadow War Trigger Ezekiel 38? December 31, 2018

It didn't take long for the recent Israeli Air Force strikes on Iranian/ Hezbollah targets in the Damascus area to receive Russian condemnation.

Middle East Christians Look To Israel As Last Refuge From Islamic Radicals December 27, 2018

Although Christians living in Muslim majority countries in the region face a bleak future, the small Christian minority living in Israel continues to grow and prosper.

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