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Get Ready For ISIS To Make A Comeback September 04, 2019

Reports of the Islamic State's death have been greatly exaggerated. ISIS is an idea, not an organization, and ideas are hard to kill.

Media Promotes Another Polarizing Voice: The Handmaids Tale September 04, 2019

Over these past two years, the cultural phenomenon of "The Handmaid's Tale" has emerged. This spiraling series with a loyal and shockingly large following has now been renewed for a fourth season on Hulu.

Divided America: Democrat Resolution Celebrates God-Less Agenda September 03, 2019

Democrats have pushed away religious voters not simply by ignoring them but by actively repelling them with accusations of bigotry and backwardness. Now the DNC has now issued a resolution stating that "religiously unaffiliated Americans overwhelmingly share the Democratic Party's values, with 70% voting for Democrats in 2018".

Back To School: Islamist Indoctrination For US Kids? September 03, 2019

The new school year is upon us and Access Islam, a program backed by the Department of Education, is under fire again after being accused of being an Islamist indoctrination program.

How Unthinkable Became Unquestionable: New Study On Collapse Of Moral Consensus September 03, 2019

Anyone else dizzy by how quickly some things went from being unthinkable to unquestionable? Just in the last few years? Although the most recent demands of the Sexual Revolution are more radical than ever, people seem to be embracing them more quickly than ever.

Guns Fall Silent, But Hezbollah Threat Remains September 03, 2019

The IDF's effective tactical conduct appears to have prevented a broader conflagration. The Northern Command prepared for the possibility that Hezbollah would pull off a large terrorist attack, possibly leading to an all-out war. That scenario did not materialize, but the threat still exists.

The Convergence Of Prophetic Signs & Connecting The Prophetic Dots August 30, 2019

I loved Connect the Dots because at first it just looked like a bunch of random dots on a page. But as we drew lines from each numbered dot to the next one, a picture would begin to emerge. What at first seemed like unconnected and completely random dots formed into a very clear picture right before our eyes.

Israel Facing Possible War On Multiple Fronts August 30, 2019

Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip show no signs of reining in their efforts to attack Israel. At the same time, the Lebanese border could explode at any moment, depending on the actions of Iran and Hezbollah, while the situation in Syria continues to remain tense amid the Iranian buildup there.

Parental Rights Under Fire: Gender Transitions Easier Than Tonsillectomies August 30, 2019

Teenagers need permission from parents for nearly any medical procedure, and even before getting a tattoo or body piercing. However, whenever a choice has to do with sex and gender, increasingly parents are being left out in the cold.

Netanyahu To Make Pro-3rd Temple Politician Top Official August 30, 2019

Moshe Feiglin's Zehut was the only party head in the current elections who openly calls for building the third Temple and has placed it on his party's platform.

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