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The Islamic Future of Europe September 07, 2017

European leaders can see that a demographic disaster is taking place. They know that in two or three decades, Europe will be ruled by Islam.

Antifa vs. Free Speech: Politics 'By Any Means Necessary' September 07, 2017

People of good will on both sides must agree that the right to peacefully assemble, debate and even protest is a foundation of our Republic.

40 Percent Of Americans Now 'Prefer Socialism To Capitalism' September 06, 2017

Americans are increasingly embracing socialism, and this is particularly true for young adults under the age of 30.

Millennials' Reasons for Leaving the Church Don't Hold Up September 06, 2017

The strategies that BuzzFeed insist will bring millennials flocking back to church are consistently destroying congregations and denominations that implement them.

Memories Of Summer Camp: Classes In Martyrdom September 06, 2017

With school resuming, many children are now recalling those fun times at summer camp where they took classes on subjects such as swimming, boating, art and martyrdom. Martyrdom?

Cashless Society: KFC Introduces Facial Recognition Payment System September 06, 2017

Step by step, facial recognition has been accepted by the general public for security; now facial recognition is also becoming a preference in the name of convenience.

Roman Empire: Ominous Parallels With Modern America September 05, 2017

The fall of Rome was a culmination of external and internal factors. Some analysts feel America is on the path of the Roman Empire and point out many ominous parallels.

The United States And North Korea Stand On The Brink Of Nuclear War September 05, 2017

After North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb on Sunday, U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis warned that the United States is more than capable of "the total annihilation of a country".

Experts Warn Against Fully Autonomous War Machines September 05, 2017

If you're not concerned about AI safety, you should be.

Kushner’s Peace Initiative Doesn’t Change Palestinian Reality  September 05, 2017

Jared Kushner's attempt to restart the peace process has hit all the predictable obstacles.

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