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Divided Methodists: Will Sexual Colonialism Split The UMC? March 01, 2019

Many mainline denominations stateside have exerted tremendous pressure on churches overseas to give up the 2,000-year-old understanding of the Bible and morality for the new sexual heresy. In doing so, they've been guilty co-conspirators with progressive governmental activists of a kind of ideological colonialism.

The Palestinian Fan Club March 01, 2019

Many of the Palestinians' supporters are unwilling to acknowledge that radical Islamists will never accept a Jewish state on "Muslim land."

Ocasio-Cortez Joins Progressive Push That Large Families Are Bad For Environment February 28, 2019

Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has proposed a solution to her 2.5 million followers on Instagram that can help delay the end of the world she is expecting in 12 years from climate change - stop having kids!

Party Of Death: Democratic Presidential Candidates Vote For Infanticide February 28, 2019

There is no spin that can be put on this. No justification. No explanation that softens the blow. On February 25, 44 Democrat senators, including all 6 declared presidential candidates, voted against the Born Alive Protection Act. Put another way, they voted for infanticide.

What Will Happen The Day After A Palestinian State Is Established? February 28, 2019

This is what members of the US administration needs to ask themselves: What will happen the day after a Palestinian state is established? According to Hamas and Islamic Jihad the answer is quite clear.

Navratilova, Identity Politics & Intersectionality: Ideology Over Reality February 28, 2019

Tennis great Martina Navratilova recently wrote that allowing male athletes who identify as transgender to compete against biological women is "insane." Now she is paying the price.

Welcome To Post-Christian Protestantism Where Liberal Feminist Pastors Rule February 26, 2019

If you thought the feminist atheist pastor was bad wait until you meet the cussing clergywoman promoting "ethically-sourced porn" who has now presented a golden vagina sculpture made of melted purity rings to a leader of the abortion rights movement.

Dangerous Parallels: China's Military Modeling Pre-War Japan February 26, 2019

The Chinese military is arming alarmingly fast and many fear that buildup looks like preparation for aggression after Xi Jinping's newest directive was broadcast nationwide: "prepare for a comprehensive military struggle from a new starting point."

How Generation Z Is Most Vulnerable To Antifa & ISIS Recruitment February 26, 2019

It's seems counter-intuitive that the most individualistic generation, the current generation of young people dubbed Generation Z, is also the most vulnerable to recruitment by both Antifa and ISIS.

Iran: Mounting Persecution Of Christians February 26, 2019

The persecution of Christians in Iran in 2018 increased to new levels according to a new report, however despite this roaring abuse, the international community continues to label the Iranian government as "moderate".

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