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Russia & China Warn War With The United States Is Coming October 30, 2018

For most people in this country, war with either Russia or China is not something to even be remotely concerned about. But the Russians and the Chinese both see things very differently.

A Perfect Storm Is Brewing: America In Crisis October 30, 2018

Levels of anger and frustration are rising to unprecedented levels, and that is leading people to do things that are absolutely unthinkable.

The Impending Clash Between Feminism & Transgenderism October 30, 2018

A war is a-brewing... between those that have long battled for women's rights and activists who deny the biological realities of sex and gender.

Teaching The Next Generation To Hate: PA Schools Teach Demise Of Israel October 30, 2018

A new study on Palestinian textbooks found that the Palestinians still support terror and destroying Israel, and funnel misinformation to their children, which doesn't exactly surprise Israeli experts.

FBI Warns Drone Terrorism Is Coming October 29, 2018

Civilian drones pose a "steadily escalating threat," as the devices are likely to be used by terrorists, criminal groups or drug cartels to carry out attacks in the U.S., FBI Director Christopher Wray told a Senate committee.

10 Numbers That Prove We Are Rapidly Becoming A Nation Of Government Dependents October 29, 2018

Many conservatives have been freaking out that an increasing number of Democrats are openly embracing socialism, but the truth is that we are already on our way to becoming a socialist country.

Hezbollah & Israel Step Up Preparations For Coming Conflict October 29, 2018

The arms race underway between Israel and Iranian-backed Hezbollah has seen both sides study one another and build up their military power to unprecedented levels.

European Court Rules People Can Be Fined For Speaking Against Mohammad October 29, 2018

A European court has ruled that saying bad things about the Muslim prophet Mohammad is verboten, and state punishment is appropriate.

Majority Of Americans Say They Are Fed Up With Political Correctness October 26, 2018

The toxic and infantile atmosphere on university campuses and the dangerous antics of progressive activists have a lot to do with how fed up Americans seem to be with political correctness.

Lessons From Joshua: God Is Neither Republican Nor Democrat October 26, 2018

There's a fascinating account in the biblical book of Joshua that is quite relevant to people of faith as we approach the midterm elections.

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