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Israel Puts World On Notice - Military Action If Iran Moves Into Syria September 01, 2017

Iran is expanding into Syria, converting the country into a military and weapons base, filling it with heavily armed Shi'a proxy forces, and earmarking it as a launchpad for future attacks on Israel.

The Rise And Fall Of The Christian Bookstore September 01, 2017

For many, the Christian bookstore had lost its way as it struggled to stay relevant.

Jihadists Funding Activities Through European Welfare Benefits September 01, 2017

Imams who preach hate towards Christians and Jews, and who criticize the depravity of the West, are granted asylum and are living comfortably as refugees on social welfare.

LGBT Activists Attack Christian Manifesto On Sexuality September 01, 2017

Once you replace biblical standards with LGBT theology, you soon embrace the mindset of the radical left.

Christian Groups Go On Offensive Against Leftists "Hate" Labels August 31, 2017

Franklin Graham is leading the charge in responding to "hate" labels being put on Christian organizations for promoting traditional values.

Border Patrol Launches Program To Scan The Face Of Every Person Leaving U.S. August 31, 2017

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection have announced plans to scan the faces of all flyers exiting the United States.

New Technology Will Literally Put Words Into Someone’s Else's Mouth August 31, 2017

New technologies promise--or, "threaten" may be a better word--to do for the spoken word what's been done to the image.

Harvey Hysteria: Women's March Touts 'Race-Based' Rescues August 31, 2017

The Women’s March Wednesday got slammed on social media for launching a bid to recruit help for victims of Hurricane Harvey – based on their race.

New Bill Would Force Healthcare Workers To Use "Correct" Pronouns Or Face Jail August 30, 2017

Use "he" instead of "she" and you could face a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail for gender-based discrimination and harassment.

McMaster's Troubling Record Regarding Iran, Israel And Radical Islam August 30, 2017

In his short tenure at the National Security Council, General McMaster has fired or removed from the NSC six staunchly pro-Israel/anti-Iran officials.

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