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Atheist Group Tries To Purge Military Command Of Christian Voices August 28, 2018

United States Air Force Brigadier General John Teichert is the latest target for The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an atheist group dedicated to launching legal attacks against Christians in the military.

Anti-Discrimination Laws Force Women's Shelters To Admit Transgendered Men August 28, 2018

The politics of transgenderism and political correctness are putting vulnerable female victims at risk and charging those who fight back with discrimination.

European Union Continues To Fiscally Back Hate Education Against Israel August 28, 2018

The Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs has published a report titled "The Money Trail: The Millions Given by EU Institutions to NGOs With Ties to Terror and Boycotts Against Israel, an In-Depth Analysis.

Did Iranian Commander Just Hint Sleeper Cells Are Ready To Strike In US? August 27, 2018

As tensions between Iran and the United States heat up and sanctions take effect, the already weak Iranian economy is feeling the pain, but what could Iran do to retaliate against the United States?

Social Media Companies Gather To Plot Strategy (Censorship) For 2018 Election August 27, 2018

Is the social media crackdown on conservatives about to get even worse with the approach of November elections?

Who Remains Stronger, ISIS Or Al-Qaeda? August 27, 2018

The Islamic State released an new audio tape with a message from its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi August 22, 2018 suggesting he is alive and well.

Calculating The 'Price' Of U.S. Support For Israel August 27, 2018

It's likely that even U.S. President Donald Trump's most ardent pro-Israel supporters were stopped in their tracks when they heard his remarks delivered recently in West Virginia.

Seismic Shocker: Global Earthquakes Last 30 Days Is More Than 50% Above Normal August 24, 2018

The Earth is constantly being pummeled by quakes, but this is a huge deviation from the norm. Could it be that we have entered a time when major Earth changes are going to start happening on a regular basis?

The Temple Harp Project: Another Step To Rebuilding The Temple August 24, 2018

The Temple of Solomon was filled with the music of 4,000 harps and a remarkable couple have been on a lifelong journey to return that music in time for the Third Temple.

InterVarsity Goes to Court To Fight For Right To Christian Leadership August 24, 2018

InterVarsity has ran afoul of the school's "human rights" policy because it's charter required that its leaders actually be--wait for it--Christians.

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