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Christians Debate Trumps Impact On Sharing Faith January 29, 2018

Evangelicals are finding themselves being judged on the character and accomplishments of our president rather than on the character and accomplishments of our Lord.

Sacrificing Children to Trans Ideology: An Unscientific Federal Study January 29, 2018

Transgender activists believe that feelings define people. And if our feelings are out-of-sync with our bodies, then our bodies must change--through any chemical or surgical means necessary, even if that person is a young child.

Germany: Return Of The Stasi Police State? January 29, 2018

Social media platforms now have the power to shape the form of current political and cultural discourse by deciding who will speak and what they will say.

Two Vice Presidential Visits To Israel: What A Difference! January 29, 2018

Watching Pence's address, I could not help but recall the very different actions of the last vice president who visited Israel.

Canadian Government Forces Employers To Endorse Abortion, LGTB Agenda For Grants January 26, 2018

Justin Trudeau has put Pro-Lifers on notice that their views won't be tolerated in public.

215,000,000 Christians Persecuted, Mostly By Muslims January 26, 2018

In the Islamic world, the fall of dictatorial regimes rarely seems to alleviate the sufferings of Christians. On the contrary, when secular dictators fall -- Saddam in Iraq, Qaddafi in Libya, and attempts against Assad in Syria -- persecution of Christian seems to rise as a grassroots byproduct.

China's Faith-Friendly Facade: What They Don't Want You to Know January 26, 2018

To foreign Christians, China portrays itself as a free country. But Chinese Christians know better.

Palestinians Ramp Up Feud With The US January 26, 2018

While the Trump administration believes the Middle East is "at the dawn of a new era" marked by progress towards "a peaceful resolution" to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Palestinians are singing a different tune.

Pence In Jerusalem Ends Israel's Obama Era Nightmare January 25, 2018

In the tradition of giving a special blessing to foreigners who come to Jerusalem and acknowledge the Jewish roots of the city, Vice President Mike Pence has certainly earned such a benediction.

Would Your Kids Know How To Survive A School Shooting? January 25, 2018

Imagine getting a phone call like this from your high school aged child. "Mom, there's been a shooting. I'm running."

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