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The US Campaign To Oust Netanyahu January 23, 2024

The Biden administration showed its hand on Tuesday when U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken gave Israel an ultimatum to support Palestinian statehood or risk demonization by the administration.

The West's Lethal Error In The War Against Israel January 23, 2024

In the current war in the Middle East, it's a given that a distinction must be drawn between Hamas and the "ordinary" Palestinian Arab residents of Gaza. This distinction, however, is largely spurious.

Why Are Leaders All Over The World Warning That World War III Is Very Close? January 20, 2024

Prominent leaders all over the globe are starting to publicly acknowledge that World War III is coming with British Defense Minister Grant Shapps warning that we are now in a "pre-war world".

Hamas Spokesman: Oct 7 Attack Launched To Stop The Red Heifers & Jewish Temple January 20, 2024

Arab-language media covered Abu Abeidah's speech extensively, focusing on the red heifer while noting that five red female calves were brought to Israel as a necessary step in rebuilding the Jewish temple.

Mentioning Jesus Christ On NBC? NFL Star Learns That Will Get You Censored January 20, 2024

It's disconcerting to realize NBC is actively censoring a player praising Jesus after a massive win. Would NBC have censored his speech if he praised transgenders or Palestinians?

In Gaza, Israel Can Win The War But Not The Peace January 20, 2024

Two major questions loom over the ongoing Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip: can the Israeli Defense Forces achieve its military goals there? And can postwar political arrangements that will make future Israeli military action in Gaza unnecessary be put in place? The answer to the first question is probably yes; the answer to the second is probably no.

China's Stock Market In Free Fall - Will The U.S. Stock Market Be Next? January 18, 2024

Is the financial chaos that is currently happening in China a harbinger of things to come here in the United States?

Disease X: Governments Are Preparing For A Scarier New Pandemic January 18, 2024

While the Disease X Act of 2023 was introduced to Congress quietly over the summer, in the past week, Disease X fearmongering has been everywhere, just in time for the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos.

Islam Overtaking Europe? January 18, 2024

In New York, as in the Belgian parliament, you can meet more and more people who are convinced that the Islamization of Brussels -- and London and other capitals, they often add -- is now inevitable and only a matter of time.

Avoiding The Next Round Of Inflation May Require A Zombie Apocalypse January 18, 2024

In order to balance the budget, they would have to almost completely eliminate ALL discretionary spending. No more military. No more Homeland Security. No more government. In other words, one of the only ways to balance the budget would be a Zombie Apocalypse in Washington DC.

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