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10 Numbers Which Prove That The U.S. Economy Has Hit A Major Pivot Point 

71 percent of all Americans currently believe that America is on the wrong track, and our economy is one of the biggest reasons why they feel this way. Credit conditions continue to tighten, home sales are falling, credit card losses are exploding, stores are closing all over the country, and the number of bankruptcies is rising to very alarming levels.

Decline Of Christianity Linked To Collapse In Marriage And Fatherhood September 29, 2023

The American family has undergone significant change in recent decades. There is no longer one predominant family form, and Americans are experiencing family life in increasingly diverse ways. Experts say this familial breakdown is connected to the breakdown of Christianity in the U.S.

Are You Ready For mRNA-Vaccinated Animals Products To Enter The US Food Chain? September 29, 2023

Shrimp have become the latest addition to a growing list of food sources targeted by mRNA gene therapy technology while cattle ranchers are raising concerns about potential mRNA vaccine use in their livestock.

Life In America Has Never Been More Unaffordable Than It Is Right Now September 27, 2023

Our standard of living is being systematically destroyed, but for a lot of years many Americans didn't fully understand what was taking place because it was happening so slowly. But now we have reached a stage where the purchasing power of our money is collapsing and the cost of living has become exceedingly painful.

Lessons From The Yom Kippur War That Almost Destroyed Israel Still Relevant September 27, 2023

Fifty years ago, Israel came as close as it ever has to losing a war. While the Arab Islamic nations can repeatedly lose wars without paying much of a price, Israel can only lose one major war.

Poll: Majority Of Democrats Want Free Speech Restrictions September 27, 2023

A new poll has revealed that almost half of Democratic voters think that free speech should be legal only "under certain circumstances," with three quarters of Democrats also saying that the government should restrict "hateful" social media posts.

Biden Deports German Christian Homeschooling Family As Borders Remain Wide Open September 27, 2023

Despite a record-setting number of illegal entries across the southern border, the Biden administration has announced it will deport a Christian family that fled Europe for the right to homeschool their children and has been living here 15 years.

Leaders At The UN Make A 7 Year Agreement To Implement A Single Global Agenda September 25, 2023

Next September, the U.S. is expected to agree to adopt the "Pact for the Future" and will allow the UN to receive emergency powers over the entire globe that could be extended indefinitely. Sadly, the Biden administration is fully behind this plan.

Almost Half Of All Young Adults Are Now Living With Their Parents September 25, 2023

When are we going to wake up and admit that our system is failing? If close to half of our young adults find themselves needing to live with their parents, we have a major crisis on our hands.

Woke Weeding in Canadian School Library Creates 'Empty Shelves' September 25, 2023

"This year, I came into my school library, and there are rows and rows of empty shelves with absolutely no books," said Reina Takata, a 10th grader at Erindale Secondary School outside Toronto, Canada.

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