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This is A Blueprint For How The Dollar Goes Kaput February 01, 2024

The dollar’s reserve status is a very special privilege for the United States. But if the world finally demands a new, de-dollarized system thanks to our enormous debt, then foreigners would no longer need to hold US dollar assets starting a domino effect of inflation.

Religious Persecution Against Christians In The West Rising At Alarming Rate February 01, 2024

Religious persecution against Christians in the Western world is rising at an alarming rate, according to a new report from Family Research Council's Center for Religious Liberty. It is shocking to see Western countries -- the same ones we think of as free and open societies -- take authoritarian measures against Christians simply trying to live out their faith.

Can American Churches Reap A Harvest Among Gen-Z Religious 'Nones'? February 01, 2024

An exploding number of young Americans are drifting through life without any theological mooring. Many of them were raised in church, but yet they remain largely ignorant of the Bible and its teaching. They appear unaware of the exclusive claims of Christianity that demands either total acceptance or rejection, not a pick-and-choose buffet of nice moral teachings.

UN Agency's Transition From Inciting To Taking Part In Terror  February 01, 2024

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) has come under fire following revelations of the involvement of at least 12 employees in the Oct. 7 Hamas onslaught on Israel.

China Following The Nazis Playbook In Its Tactics Against The Church January 30, 2024

China's President Xi Jinping has begun "a campaign to 'Sinicize' religion to make it more compatible with the teachings of the Chinese Communist Party and that includes rewriting parts of the Bible.

When Churches Dismiss Bible Prophecy... They Do So To Their Own Detriment January 30, 2024

Although prophecy constitutes almost one-third of the Bible, its importance is constantly downplayed by those who dismiss it as having no practical significance or by those who object to it on the grounds that it is a "fad" that takes people's eyes off Jesus.

Most Americans Are Literally Living On The Edge Of Financial Disaster January 30, 2024

Most Americans would be financially wiped out by just one major accident or emergency. Bankrate's latest survey results found 56% of U.S. adults lack the emergency funds to handle a $1,000 unexpected expense.

Biden Threatens Netanyahu's Drive To Destroy Hamas January 30, 2024

The deepening antipathy of the Biden administration toward Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is threatening to derail Israel's military offensive to destroy Hamas.

Wanted: Palestinian Leaders Who Will Condemn Terrorism January 30, 2024

Why would Israel - or anyone else - trust any Palestinian leader who considers Islamist murderers, rapists and baby-killers as "part of the Palestinian national, social and political fabric"?

Are We On The Verge Of War With Iran? January 29, 2024

U.S. lawmakers are calling for military strikes inside Iran in the aftermath of a horrific terror attack that left three U.S. service members dead and dozens wounded. So if the U.S. does hit targets inside Iranian territory, how will the Iranians respond?

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