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World Ignores Myanmar Persecution Of Christians October 18, 2018

Myanmar is a dictatorship and Christians are perceived as a threat to dictators and warlords. They see in the Word of God a challenge to the absolute power that they seek on Earth.

The Two-State Paradigm Is Over October 18, 2018

There is growing skepticism around the world of the Palestinians' ability to create and sustain an independent state.

Chaos In The Streets: Portland Civil Unrest A Sign Of What Is To Come? October 17, 2018

The "left" hates the "right" and the "right" hates the "left", and the mainstream media and many of our leading politicians are having a good old time stirring the pot on a continual basis.

Growing Number Of Witches & The Upcoming Hex On Justice Kavanaugh October 17, 2018

Black magic is making headlines as a group of actual witches have been bold enough to publicize a planned hex on Justice Brett Kavanaugh on October 20th in New York City.

The Christian Arab Dilemma October 17, 2018

While Israel is not perfect, Netanyahu is right when he says that it is the only place in the Middle East where Christian communities can thrive. That is why the overwhelming majority of American Christians regards Israel with affection rooted in shared values about religious freedom.

Israel & So-Called 'Social Justice' October 17, 2018

Social-justice warriors and progressives went berserk this week when Israel exercised its right, as any sovereign nation, to determine who enters its borders.

Social Media Purge Intensifies As Midterms Approach October 15, 2018

The digital nanny state strikes again... just in time for midterms. Facebook has removed 559 pages for various offenses but many alternative media sites claim they are being censored for views that challenge the mainstream narrative.

Christians Sentenced To Death Under Sharia Law October 15, 2018

When radical Islam gains power, every article in the constitution becomes contingent on compliance with sharia. The rights that are promised in the constitution therefore become null and void.

The Expansion Of Assisted Suicide North Of The Border October 15, 2018

How is it that a nation known for its politeness has become so committed to killing its most vulnerable citizens?

Hamas Probing Israel's Defenses With Latest Border Incursion October 15, 2018

Hamas is testing the IDF's reaction to see if a deadly attack or kidnapping of soldiers on the Gaza border could be carried out to change the balance of the conflict, giving Hamas the upper hand.

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