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Skynet Now: Pentagon Deploys Terrorist-Hunting Artificial Intelligence January 16, 2018

After only 8 months of development a small team of intel analysts has effectively deployed an AI into the battlefield in control of weaponized systems to hunt for terrorists.

Media Continues To Ignore Worldwide Christian Persecution January 15, 2018

A new report by the Christian charity group Open Doors has found that most of Israel's neighbors, including Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the Palestinian territories, are among the world’s most dangerous places for Christians.

The Palestinian Terror Party: Celebrating Murder January 15, 2018

The Palestinians want the Trump administration to return to the Obama administration's policy of scapegoating Israel and turning a blind eye to Palestinian incitement and terrorism.

Science Confirms The Bible: Sexual Sin Is Against Your Own Body January 15,2018

Whether it be adultery or viewing pornography, sexual sin alters our brain function and, when indulged in repeatedly, can lead to a seared conscience – an actual brain phenomenon that numbs us to guilt and conviction of our wrongdoing.

Alabama's Big Win: Tagovailoa's Big Faith January 15, 2018

The missionaries who brought Christianity to the Polynesian world wound up transforming an entire society and that continuation of the faith is seen in many Samoan football players.

Transgender Movement Targets Kids With Drag Club For Children, Fake Body Parts January 11, 2018

Unless you think it’s fine for a 10-year-old boy to form an online drag club for kids and you’re not bothered by a website offering fake penises for transgender children, then you can safely ignore this article. Otherwise, keep reading.

Worship The State Or Jesus: Chinese Christians Under Pressure January 11, 2018

Christians in Southeastern China were recently told by state officials to take down any Christian symbols and replace them with posters of President Xi Jinping.

Canada: Trudeau's Support For Islamists A Warning To America January 11, 2018

Many Canadians are starting to believe that Prime Minister Trudeau's position on reintegrating and deradicalizing ISIS fighters is unreasonable, if not delusional.

Students Face Fine For Displaying Israeli Flag At Pro-Palestinian Rally January 11, 2018

Antisemitic slogans can be hollered and go unpunished while showing an Israeli flag is reason to be fined?

New Push For EU Superstate Army January 09, 2018

It’s called PESCO. It stands for the Permanent Structured Co-Operation and is a treaty among EU nations providing a framework for mutual defense that many EU superstate proponents have been pushing for a long time.

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