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Ahed Tamimi Accidentally Shows How Humane Israel Is August 17, 2018

Palestinian national icon Ahed Tamimi (nicknamed "Shirley Temper") was freed after serving an eight-month sentence in Israeli prison for recording herself punching, kicking, and slapping two Israeli soldiers.

10 Economic Numbers That Show Our Financial Condition Is On Life Support August 16, 2018

America's long-term "balance sheet numbers" just continue to get progressively worse and U.S. consumer credit just hit another all-time record high.

Do Christians Really Want Pablum? August 16, 2018

Is it possible that some pastors are underestimating their flocks? Is it possible that some leaders are misjudging their followers?

UN Enabling Hamas's War Machine August 16, 2018

The message to Hamas from the international community is that it will reap rich rewards for nothing more than temporarily halting its terror attacks on Israel.

Pro-Israel Supporters Disappointed As Trump Gives PA $61 Million In Aid August 16, 2018

Despite all the tough rhetoric from the Trump administration, America is still providing funds to the regime that is paying murderers of Americans.

Emerging Market Currency Crisis Could Destabilize Global Financial System August 15, 2018

We haven't seen emerging market currencies crash like this in over a decade, and analysts are warning that if this continues we could witness a devastating global debt crisis.

The Real Reason for the Left's Double Standard on Hate Speech August 15, 2018

Why is it that organizations like the SPLC can designate conservative Christians as hate groups while ignoring radical leftists like Antifa?

Shock Ruling: Judge Releases NM Extremists August 15,2018

Islamist extremists in America are watching this development, likely cheering the bewildering decision of this judge and encouraged by the weaknesses on display by the "Great Satan."

Sing A Little Louder - Short Film August 15, 2018

Based on a true story - how Christians would drown out the screams of the passing concentration camp trains during WW2 by singing louder in their churches.

Antifa, Democratic Socialists And The New World Order August 14, 2018

For decades, the globalists have subtly (or sometimes not so subtly) been moving us toward a world in which national borders have essentially been made meaningless.

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