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Persecuted Christians Hit Hard During Global Food Shortage October 13, 2022

Where persecution is high, believers are marginalized. When food is dispersed, Christians are often last to receive it. And millions of displaced believers can’t afford what little food there is.

Fear Rising For Winter Season - Europeans Panic Buy Firewood And Stoves October 12, 2022

As natural gas and electricity prices soar, many European households turn to firewood, a move to offset higher energy costs as the heating season begins. Rising demand for firewood is sending much of Europe back to the 'medieval' days of using stoves and fireplaces to heat homes.

Paypal's Costly 'Misinformation' Fine Backfires - A Lesson For What is Coming October 12, 2022

The policy update stated that it would debit users up to $2,500 if they engaged in banned activity such as "promoting misinformation" or "hate," effective November 3. This did not sit well with users, sparking outrage among many who viewed these actions as Big Tech censoring speech.

In Australia, Christians Are Having To Choose Between Their Church Or Their Job October 12, 2022

A Rubicon has been crossed in Australia. For the first time, someone has lost their job not because of something they said or did, but because of the church they belong to.

New LGBT Daycares To Focus On Teaching 5 Year Old's LGBTQ Lifestyle October 12, 2022

De Root explained that these daycare centers will literally be places where children are taught "what it is like to be gay or lesbian." Everything will be oriented towards that end, with nearly all books featuring gay protagonists.

Your Next Pain Will Be Soaring Electricity Costs As Energy Crisis Spreads October 11, 2022

Even before the cold season begins, there are 20 million households behind on their power bills. Now power companies are renegotiating power contracts with households, increasing the price per kilowatt substantially.

Feast Of Tabernacles: Rapture Types & Shadows Of Things To Come October 11, 2022

The most joyous festival on God's calendar, the Feast of Tabernacles, begins October 11 this year. While the Feast of Tabernacles points ultimately to the Millennial Kingdom, when God will dwell, or "tabernacle," with man, its themes also correspond to the Rapture.

When Faith Becomes A Fireable Offense: Teachers, Reporter Let Go Over Beliefs October 11, 2022

In the space of a week, two teachers and a reporter have been fired from their jobs over stances they took because of their religious beliefs. Notably, all the firings happened in conservative parts of the country.

Confessions Of A Middle East Bible Smuggler October 11, 2022

Smuggling Bibles has been part of Open Doors' ministry since the very beginning. Open Doors' founder Brother Andrew and his fledgling team regularly smuggled Bibles behind the Iron Curtain--it's where Brother Andrew's nickname, "God's Smuggler," came from. In places where the Bible is still hard to come by, smuggling is still part of what we do.

To Nuke Or Not To Nuke? What Will Putin Do? October 07, 2022

It is obvious to all concerned -- including Vladimir Putin -- that the use of a strategic nuclear weapon would lead to the destruction of Moscow, followed by an unimaginable conflict costing the lives of millions around the world. And Putin knows that nobody would win. But what about the use of a tactical nuke?

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