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IRS Rehires Personnel Fired For Targeting Conservatives! August 23, 2017

More than 200 IRS personnel who were fired for unethical and even criminal actions in connection with the targeting of conservatives are now back on the job.

Whoa, Bethsaida! Archaeologists May Have Found Peter's Home Town August 23, 2017

Archaeologists may have found a place that Jesus—as well as Peter, Andrew, and Philip—knew very well.

5 Signs Your Church Might Be Heading Toward Progressive Christianity August 22, 2017

There are signs - certain phrases and ideas - that seem to be consistent in Progressive circles. Here are 5 danger signs to watch for in your church

Paypal Bans Jihad Watch - Conservative Groups Falsely Included With Hate Groups August 22, 2017

The Southern Poverty Law Center has falsely included some Christian, pro-family, or conservative groups with real hate groups like the KKK resulting in some corporations taking action against them.

Magog Alliance Forming? - Russia, Turkey & Iran August 22, 2017

The chief of staff of the Iranian military, Mohammad Bagheri, made an "unprecedented" visit to Turkey this week.

Europe Bleeds Again As Nurseries Of Terror Indoctrination Continue August 22, 2017

It does not take much common sense to understand that individuals cannot commit mass murder without any training, support and most importantly, indoctrination.

The Coming Cashless Society August 21, 2017

The Bible says a time will come when everyone on earth will require a special mark to buy or sell.

The Eichmann In All Of Us: The Root Of Evil August 21, 2017

What is going on in our country? Why all the anger and hatred? The answer is as old as humanity.

The Great Replacement: Demography Is Destiny August 21, 2017

Europe is committing demographic suicide, systematically depopulating itself while allowing Muslim immigration populations to replace it.

The Media's Glaring Double Standards On Violence And Hate August 21, 2017

There is a consistent pattern of dangerous words and deeds from the radical left, most of which get scant attention from the media.

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