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Trans Activists Demand We Pay For Their Womb Transplants & Other Health Changes February 14, 2019

The health system has come under massive strain attempting to catch up with the range of transgender services that are suddenly being demanded including that "transgender women" -- biological males -- are "entitled" to womb transplants so that they can carry a child.

The Cost Of Skipping Children: Life Has No Price Tag February 14, 2019

Americans aren’t having enough babies to replace themselves. In fact, a record one in five American women will never have children. As a result, the death rate is outpacing the birth rate.

Does The Great Commission Exclude Teaching On Prophecy? February 13, 2019

The prevailing mindset of many Bible-believing pastors today is that eschatology, or the study of future things, is not only separate from the preaching of Gospel but detracts from it.

Is Michelle Obama Going To Run For President In 2020? February 13, 2019

In politics you can never trust what people say, and it is much more important to watch what they do. Suddenly, Michelle Obama seems like she is the biggest rock star in America, and there are only two reasons why this would be happening.

The Green New Deal: Government Is Not Our Savior February 13, 2019

Rather than human evil, the breakdown of the family, or the compromise of morality, the Green New Deal identifies the modern economy as the problem, and promises to dismantle it without offering any viable replacement.

After Abbas: The Struggle For Succession Has Begun February 13, 2019

The struggle for power that is likely to develop after Abbas leaves his position could, with a fair amount of ease, result in violence between Palestinian rivals, and in attacks on Israelis.

Mom Arrested For Disagreeing With Trans Activist On Twitter February 12, 2019

Kate Scottow's story is truly chilling. Three police officers showed up at her home and detained her, carting her off to the station and then interrogating her for referring to a biological man who identifies as a woman as a man.

Pope Francis Leading His Flock To The Slaughter? February 12, 2019

Pope Francis and Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, once named the "most influential Muslim in the world" — just signed "A Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together." The problem is that Dr. al-Tayeb, has repeatedly contradicted all the lofty sentiments it highlights.

Justin Bieber Encourages Abstinence, But Not Everyone Is Pleased February 12, 2019

In a very candid interview for Vogue, Justin Bieber explained that he abstained from sex for one year, wanting to get closer to God. He also said that he and his new wife Hailey Baldwin saved sex for marriage. Not surprisingly, his interview has generated a torrent of comments, both positive and negative.

40 Years Of Lessons From Iran: We Have Learned Nothing February 12, 2019

On February 10, the Iranian regime officially celebrated the 40th anniversary of the day it seized power. Forty years of the Iranian regime should be a sufficient lesson for the international community to make clear that appeasing the Iranian leaders will do exactly nothing either to protect the people of Iran or the global community.

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