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Replacing Israel With A Palestinian State From The River To The Sea?  December 14, 2018

So you think that Israel should be replaced by a Palestinian state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea? Perhaps we should imagine just what a Palestinian-majority state would look like.

The Leader Of Egypt Schools Islamist's On Immigration To The West December 13, 2018

The leader of Egypt has just given a powerful response to a question on immigration that if a Western leader would have spoken the same words, he would have been lambasted as an Islamophobe.

Diversity Is A One-Way Street As The Left Bans Anything Offensive December 13, 2018

The pattern is as predictable as it is obvious. When the left talks about freedom, it means freedom for those who conform. When it talks about diversity, it means my way or the highway.

Lauren Daigle On The Spot - Why We All Should Be Prepared for This Question December 13, 2018

When yet another Christian celebrity fails to give a straight answer on a hot-button moral issue, it reveals a deeper problem.

How America Helps Hezbollah December 13, 2018

Hezbollah's 100,000-plus rockets and missiles in southern Lebanon make a mockery of the idea that the "Lebanese State" is separate from Hezbollah however the US continues to provide military aid to Lebanon.

Next Generation Of "America's Thought Police" Is Being Birthed At College December 12, 2018

Political correctness has become institutionalized, and if you think that the "thought police" are bad now, the truth is that the next generation is going to be even worse.

Your Phone Apps Are Tracking Every Step You Take & Every Stop You Make December 12, 2018

You're being watched constantly, at least if you have a cell phone with apps on them. A recently published report showed how seemingly innocuous apps were gathering information about how a person goes about their day.

The Misguided Backlash Against 'Purity Culture' December 12, 2018

Joshua Harris, author of "I Kissed Dating Goodbye," recently renounced the basic message of his 21-year-old book, which encouraged Christian young people to avoid a particular style of recreational romance.

Saudi Paper Writes Hit Piece On New Muslim Congresswomen December 12, 2018

A Saudi news outlet writes a hit piece on the two new Muslim women elected to the U.S. Congress by showing how the Democratic party's quest to wrest control of Congress has led to an alliance with political Islamist movements.

U.S. Life Expectancy Falling - The 2 Biggest Reasons Why Will Surprise You December 11, 2018

When I was growing up, life expectancy was continually rising, and it was generally believed that it would keep rising for many decades to come. But that hasn't happened. Instead, average life expectancy started to stall and now it has been declining.

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