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Facial Recognition Goes Mainstream, Drawing Concerns November 20, 2018

Facial recognition is fast becoming embedded in everyday life. But as it improves, the technology is raising new privacy concerns.

There Will Never Be Peace When Palestinians Turn Murders Into Heroes November 20, 2018

A Palestinian public library in El-Bireh, a city 15 kilometers north of Jerusalem, recently held what it called a "cultural evening" titled "In the Presence of the Martyrs," at which it honored four terrorists.

Christian Opposition To Israel Requires A Christian Response November 20, 2018

It's not that Israel and the Jewish community do not have any friends in the American Protestant mainline. They do. The problem is that these friends keep losing the fights at the national gatherings of mainline churches.

Can The US Avoid A "Space Pearl Harbor"? November 19, 2018

The United States is deeply concerned that Russian movements in space indicate the country is building an offensive military space force that could knock out American satellites.

Canada's Welcome Mat For Jihadis Poses Threat To US November 19, 2018

Canada's welcome mat for jihadis -- including returning ISIS terrorists as well as numerous Islamists immigrants -- is well known. This not only threatens our northern neighbors but is an increasing threat to the U.S. as well.

First Muslim Women In US Congress Misled Voters About Views On Israel November 19, 2018

America's first two Muslim congresswomen are now both on record as appearing to oppose Israel's right to exist. They both support the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. Both are also explicitly opposed to continuing military aid to Israel.

Scientists, Atheism, & God: Not Quite What You Think November 19, 2018

We often hear there's a fundamental conflict between science and religion, and that scientists don't believe in God. There's only one problem with this narrative--'it's not true. Don't believe me; just ask scientists!

Report: U.S. Military Superiority Is No Longer Assured Against China & Russia November 16, 2018

The historic military supremacy of the U.S. has eroded drastically, leaving the country likely unable to fight more than a single war at a time and could even lose a war against China or Russia individually according to a congressionally chartered report.

European Intelligence Officials: Islamist Terror Threat Is As Strong As Ever November 16, 2018

Thousands of ISIS sympathizers still walk freely in the streets of Europe and across the West, and while there have been fewer ISIS-driven attacks since the fall of the Caliphate, intelligence officials do not expect the trend to last.

10 Signs The Christian Authors You're Following Are Teaching Unbiblical Ideas November 16, 2018

There are many authors (who identify themselves as Christians) today who champion unbiblical ideas of what it means to love others, and it's rooted in ignorance of the commandment to first love God.

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