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Does Jihad Really Have "Nothing To Do With Islam"? March 01, 2018

Recently, US National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster once again downplayed the significance of faith by claiming that Islamic ideology is "irreligious"; meanwhile, up to 1.5 billion Muslims continue claiming, as they have done for 1400 years, that it is.

Yes, Christians Do Hear God's Voice: Call Me Crazy March 01, 2018

A Washington Post writer once said that evangelicals are "poor, ignorant, and easy to command." Well, at least he didn't say we were mentally ill. Until now that is.

Missile Wars - US, Russia and China Battle For Hypersonic Dominance  February 27, 2018

Hypersonic missiles travel more than five times the speed of sound and are able to alter course in flight in order to evade interceptors and other defense systems.

Why Homeschool Regulation Won't Stop Child Abuse February 27, 2018

After reading with horror the case of the California couple accused of torture and child endangerment, I knew it would only be a matter of time before government officials would turn toward blanket policies that restrict innocent people in an attempt to legislate away evil.

Palestinian Indoctrination Has Raised A Generation That Feeds On Hate February 27, 2018

A generation of people has been raised on an unadulterated diet of hatred of Israel and the Jewish people, courtesy of Arafat and Abbas.

From South Korea To Guatemala, Evangelical Influence Boosting Ties To Israel February 27, 2018

A key catalyst behind growing Israel-South Korea ties: God.

Federal Reserve Pick Proponent Of Chipping Cash To Track & Tax February 26, 2018

If the nomination to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors is successful, anonymous purchases, deposits, and savings with cash could soon be a thing of the past.

Are Mass Shootings Like Terrorism? February 26, 2018

To those seeking to understand horrific events such as the Parkland school shooting and figure out how to prevent them, motive matters quite a lot.

Hamas And Fatah Unite Against Trump Peace Plan February 26, 2018

The two rival parties are prepared to lay aside their differences and work together to foil US President Donald Trump's plan for peace in the Middle East, the details of which remain unknown.

Find Of Biblical Proportions: Proof Of Prophet Isaiah Believed Unearthed February 26

"We appear to have discovered a seal impression, which may have belonged to the prophet Isaiah, in a scientific, archaeological excavation," said Mazar this week in a press release announcing the breathtaking discovery.

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