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Dangerous Escalation By Islamic Jihad Could Lead To Another Gaza War May 31, 2018

Gaza's second-largest terrorist faction, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, is leading the current dangerous escalation of the security situation, which may yet escalate further, and which represents the most serious flare-up of violence since the 2014 armed conflict between Israel and Hamas.

12 Indications Next Major Global Economic Crisis Could Be Just Around The Corner May 30, 2018

Analysts are sounding the alarm about junk bond defaults, the smart money is getting out of stocks at an astounding rate, mortgage rates are absolutely skyrocketing, and Europe is already facing a full blown financial meltdown.

Diversity Gone Wild - Church Of England Seeking Transgender Priests May 30, 2018

The Church of England has launched a diversity drive that is specifically encouraging gay, lesbian and transgender people to take "roles of leadership and service in the local church".

Generation Z, Justice, & The Gospel May 30, 2018

Many members of Generation Z are choosing justice over the gospel, but they don't have to. They can choose both.

Drone Terrorism: Only A Matter Of Time  May 30, 2018

There's a growing threat that the terrorists are going to be lethal from the sky and this is a natural evolution of where we are headed technologically in the world

New Statistics Show Just How Tight Most Americans' Finances Have Become May 29, 2018

New data shows that roughly 40% of Americans could not even cover a $400 emergency expense.

Since When Do Public Schools Support Terrorists? May 29, 2018

Beacon School, an elite college-prep public high school in Manhattan held a mandatory, school-wide moment of silence to pay tribute to the "Palestinian victims of violence" in Gaza.

First Time Ever: A Jewish-Christian Party To Run For Israeli Knesset May 29, 2018

Avi Lipkin, a well-known lecturer who has spoken in over 1,000 churches, announced that he has formed the first joint Jewish-Christian party and intends to lead it in the next Knesset elections.

Double Standards & The Power Of Photos May 29, 2018

If a picture is usually worth a thousand words, when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a picture is worth a million.

Preparing To Rebuild The Temple - First Fruits’ Ceremony Reenacted May 24, 2018

The reenactment was intended as part of preparing for the future when the Third Temple will be built and these rituals will again be performed.

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