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What Goes Up Must Come Down - New Warnings Over Coming Economic Collapse September 27, 2018

It's a simple law of nature that anything which goes up must eventually come down and so too will our economy. Even if you, personally, are not in debt, the collapse that is coming will affect us all.

Mega Church Pastor Suggests We Should Unhitch From The Ten Commandments September 27, 2018

Is all the Bible relevant to a Christian worldview? One well-known pastor recently suggested it isn't. But I beg to differ.

The Prophetic Yom Kippur War September 27, 2018

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the dramatic Yom Kippur which is not only a powerful story from the pages of history, but I believe also prophetically foreshadows an even greater war to come.

PA Textbooks Teaching The Next Generation To Hate September 27, 2018

Palestinian Authority textbooks encourage children to view the entirety of Israel as Arab territory, and teach them to seek the land's liberation even at the cost of martyrdom.

Another Step Forward To The Magog Scenario As Russia Raises Tensions With Israel September 26, 2018

The announcement by Russia to transfer its advanced S-300 air-defense system to the Syrian government within two weeks will create new challenges for Israel.

No Place To Hide: Facebook Smart Home Device With Facial Recognition September 26, 2018

Facebook is planning to announce a new home assistant device called "Portal" with a controversial facial recognition camera.

15 Mind-Blowing Statistics About Pornography & The Church September 26, 2018

Not only has pornography invaded churches, but in many cases, the statistics show that Christians – and even church pastors – engage in viewing porn at almost the same rates as the secular population.

China's Pastors Take Their Stand: Jesus Is Lord September 26, 2018

In the spirit of Peter and John, a group of at least 250 Chinese pastors has publicly signed a joint statement opposing new regulations that clamp down on the church in China.

New Concerns Over Unprecedented Yellowstone Rumbling September 25, 2018

When Yellowstone starts rumbling there is a reason to pay attention, and right now Yellowstone is starting to rumble in ways that are unprecedented.

The Declining Church: Episcopalian Interfaith Service Includes Giant Tree People September 25, 2018

More like a scene from a Tolkien novel with tree ents in attendance, the ever more liberal nature of this Episcopalian worship service leaves open the question as to what exactly is being worshiped.

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