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Next Israel-Hamas Clash Feels Imminent June 29, 2018

‎All it would take is an incendiary kite that burns down an Israeli ‎house or an Israeli strike that results in Palestinian casualties to ‎trigger a full-blown conflict.

Wishful Thinking Isn't Enough When It Comes To Mideast Peace June 29, 2018

President Trump's peace plan for Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, his attempt at the "deal of the century," will apparently soon be revealed to the world.

One Trigger Event Away From Violence - Radical Left Plotting Next Step June 28, 2018

You might want to start taking the radical left seriously. When they tell us "you ain't seen nothin' yet" and that "this is just the beginning", they are making threats that they intend to back up.

Palestinians: The Only Acceptable Peace Plan June 28, 2018

Abbas does not like the Trump peace plan, sight unseen: he knows that it will not advance his goal of fulfilling the "phased solution," in which Palestinians would take land bit by bit of and use it as launching pads to pursue the jihad against Israel.

US Islamists Celebrate Erdogan's Election Win June 28, 2018

What authoritarians have figured out is not to cancel elections, as old-fashioned dictators used to do, or fake them entirely, but rather to hold the vote and control the circumstances so tightly that no one else can win.

Is The Government Using Spy Hubs To Intercept Our Emails, Texts & Phone Calls? June 27, 2018

New documents indicate that the NSA is systematically capturing our emails, our phone calls and our text messages at certain key strategic points on AT&T’s immensely powerful Internet network.

California Considering Creating Advisory Group For Fake News With Orwellian Bill June 27, 2018

Should we trust the government to decide what is true or false?

Jared Kushner Has It All Wrong On The Palestinians June 27, 2018

We don't yet know the details of the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan that presidential adviser Jared Kushner is preparing. But we do know how Kushner perceives the Palestinian Arabs. And he's got them all wrong.

You Want Religious Freedom? Sad Times in Canada June 27, 2018

Canada, our neighbor to the north, is at war... I'm not talking about the trade war. I'm talking about their fight against religious freedom.

Transhuman Movement Grows As Thousands In Sweden Get Microchipped June 26, 2018

In the past, many authors had raised the possibility of tyrannical governments forcibly microchipping their own populations, but what if most of humanity actually embraces this new technology enthusiastically?

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