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Church Holds Renaming Ceremony For Transgender Pastor  February 23, 2018

Starting on February 11th, 2017, the congregation of St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church in Hoboken, New Jersey began referring to their pastor as Peter. Peter, was formerly Rose Beeson.

Abbas At UN: 'Israel Occupied Our Territories In 1948', 'We Are The Canaanites' February 23, 2018

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas promoted the idea that all of Israel is illegally-occupied territory in a speech he delivered at a UN Security Council meeting in New York City on Tuesday.

Why Don't We Care About the Slaughter Of Nigerian Christians? February 23, 2018

Thousands of Christians are being butchered in Nigeria and whole villages being destroyed. Why are we so unconcerned? Why don't we care?

Gullible Westerners Rally Around New Palestinian Hero February 23, 2018

In Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinians finally have someone they might be able to sell to a gullible Western public willing to put an attractive, youthful face on a century-old war whose goal is the destruction of Israel.

Parents Under Fire Who Don't Support Transgender Transitioning February 21, 2018

Parents who don't believe that their teenage children should undergo radical gender reassignment procedures are now at risk of having their children taken away and their parental rights stripped from them.

Mike Pence Mocked For Listening To Jesus February 21, 2018

Large segments of our population have become so anti-Christian that a committed believer like Pence is now vilified as a religious nutcase.

History Lessons From Years Under Islamism February 21, 2018

In Iran, my generation, the first after Islamism came to power, is called the Burnt Generation. Our generation earned this name for having to endure the brutality of the Islamist and theocratic regime from the time we were born, to adulthood.

Israeli Knesset Caucus Celebrates 'Night To Honor Christian Allies' February 21, 2018

The event, organized by the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus and the World Jewish Congress, paid tribute to Evangelical Christians who have made extraordinary contributions to the state of Israel.

Sanhedrin Mints Coin With Images of Trump and Cyrus To Promote Rebuilding Temple February 20, 2018

Proceeds from the sale of the coin will be used in reenactments of Temple services as well as in other educational and practical endeavors that help prepare for the Third Temple. Should the need arise, the proceeds will be used for the actual building of the Temple.

Are Russia And Israel On A Collision Course Over Syria? February 20, 2018

Suggestions in the Russian media point to a scenario in which Israeli involvement in Syria forces Russia to more openly declare a pro-Iranian strategy.

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